4 Dog Walking Spots In Toronto That You & Your Dog Will Love

Navigating an urban space with a dog can be tricky, especially if you’re new to the area. Some cities, however, are entirely suited to four-legged friends, with safe and quiet areas dedicated to recreational strolls and exploration. Toronto is one such city. Despite its size, as well as the dense city centre, dogs are given due respect and supported by a number of fantastic walking spots.

What makes a particularly good walking spot for a pup can be varied. Occasionally it is expanses of grass upon which to run around. At other times it can be a respite from the city’s central noise, typically of cars or businesses. It can even be a portion of nature, those immersive park spaces that excite dogs into exploring and even chasing the brave squirrels that reside there. Here are four of our favourite spaces in Toronto, those that your dog will love.

Sherwood Park

Located near Midtown, Sherwood Park is an amazing natural space that can leave you feeling as if you have travelled much further. The area is largely navigated by a boardwalk and with dedicated play areas for children and dogs too, with dogs being able to roam free and safely without a leash. There is a dedicated trail that runs through the park, covering just under three kilometres in total, which is a perfect length for many dogs.

The park, however, can be quite busy with children and other dogs, so it’s important that your pup is able to socialise well with others or be kept on a leash of appropriate length.

High Park

Toronto’s biggest, and perhaps most loved, public park is also a great place to bring your dog. Across its many sections, there are closed off areas where dogs can run freely without much worry of escaping, as well as huge open areas for dogs who have plenty of energy to use and need to be off-leash.

As with Sherwood Park, High Park can become busy, especially during the summer months, so be sure to consider your little one’s comfort before taking them out. There are also first aid stations across the area but it can be easy to make your own should you want to.

Scarborough Bluffs

Undoubtedly the most beautiful natural space in Toronto and a favourite among locals. This area overlooks the water, offering amazing vistas to accompany your walk. Although, the appeal that brings most dog walkers to Scarborough Bluffs is that, at the end of your stroll, you and your dog can head to the beach and jump in the water.

Nottawasaga Bluffs

If you’re living slightly out of Toronto’s city centre or want to escape for the day, Nottawasaga Bluffs is only a short drive away and can place you in the middle of one of the province’s most beautiful conservation areas.

There’s plenty to explore, from forests to caves, and there’s even a dedicated trail if you have the time and energy, one that explores the park’s best sites over the course of a hundred kilometres!

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