Cheryl Glavor: Travelling Will Free Your Soul

Cheryl Glavor, is the famous debater and social media influencer, discussed over the pertinent issue on how traveling can bring stability in a household of a tempest. Modern life is staidly frustrating and although technological advancement has taken place, most of the society is in a dark place with crime rates so high and children dying of malnutrition. The society is divided into class and we are nowhere near in solving those situations permanently. These sorts of news are not only troubling but reflect the agony and tensed surface of the glass society we live within. In the life of middle or upperclassmen, such problems might not be present but many of them are miles away from finding the meaning of life and purpose.

Plato the famous philosopher and writer of The Republic asserted that the telos of life is to be happy. Telos is a term he used to describe the purpose or the destiny we should strive for! In his ideal world, he depicted that happiness should be the only pursuit of a human being and no matter what job he/she does; if the happiness can be felt in his soul then the telos is met. Understanding and Travelling is the philosophy of nature and life is a good way to find pleasure as Plato asserted.

How traveling Purges out the excess emotion

The Greeks used to believe that when we get stuck in a situation for too long, we accumulate emotions and tensions that are harmful to our mental health. Traveling or visiting new places purges out that excess emotion and we achieve the state of catharsis. Catharsis is also a Greek word used in Plato’s terminology to describe the mental health one achieves after taking the bath inside. So to say, if a person is feeling sick of high blood pressure, the doctors used to but a few veins so that the excess blood will flow out and the patient will reach stable mental health.

This is asserted over the fact that traveling does not castrate anyone from their passion but it keeps the emotions in check so that we won’t burst open into our workplace or onto our loved ones, exerting and ejaculating our daily frustrations. These sort of experience will not only be harmful to one’s career and progress but will also make him/her a person who cannot handle pressure and will affect badly in his/her career. More importantly, this will push your loved ones away, as the old adage follows, “the bullets fired from guns and the words spat out of the mouth cannot be taken back”.

Stability is everything that we all crave for and traveling gives us that poised state of mind where while we come to the serene beauty of nature if humbles us, purifies us and make us ready for the next big steps. Even if you are not a big lover of nature and love the smell of burnt diesel more than that of flowers, or love the crowded places more than a vacant landscape, you should try to get a change in your situation every once in a while.

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