Best Beaches To Enjoy Phuket Rental Holiday

Phuket is a place which is very well known for all its beautiful beaches and the blue expanse of the ocean. With around thirty beaches to explore from, you would get to enjoy a diverse atmosphere and scenery and facilities. These beaches should be your next vacation destination if you want to swim, go for water adventure sports, and have a relaxing time with family and friends.

But with so many beaches all around the island, it could sometimes become a difficult option to choose one particular. Here the list of the best beaches has been given based on various criteria. Book Phuket rental holiday and stay in the lapse of luxury and nature.

Kata Beach:

With its clear blue water and the white sand. It would surely entice you. Just a few minutes from the south of Karon Beach, it is very popular among families who want to relax and see the sunset and the sunrise from their Phuket house rental. With great restaurants and the different cuisine that you get to enjoy here, you would never want to leave.

At Kata South, you would find an abundance of resorts and villas and souvenir stalls. The options when it comes to enjoying and experiencing food, beach, nature, Kata is always on top of the list.

Freedom Beach:

This is an absolute gem with a 300-m long strip of white sand. It would truly mesmerize you with its aesthetic beauty, the hills that are covered with jungle and the granite rocks that you would observe at the bay. Sunbathing and other popular sports are some of the few things that you could do here.

The flora and the fauna and nature would truly help you settle there and forget the busy schedule and the work pressure that you have left behind. The only audible sound you would hear in this paradise would be the long-boats bringing visitors.

Ya Nui Beach:

This beach lies in the shadow of two viewpoints of Phuket, mainly the Phrom Thep and the viewpoint which features all the windmills. This beach has white sand, and it is so soft that children love to collect shells from here. You could go for various water sports that are here from snorkeling, kayaking, etc.

Thus now you have a list of some of the most popular and beautiful tourist frequented beaches where you could go for Phuket house rental.   

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