Four Indonesian Pink Beaches, Have You Been There?

Four Indonesian Pink Beaches, Have You Been There?

In addition to white and black sandy beaches, Indonesia has several charming pink sand beach too. Indonesia’s pink sand beaches are located in East Nusa Tenggara and West Nusa Tenggara. Each pink beach offers a different beauty. Here’s the full review.

Get to know Pink Sandy Beaches in Indonesia

There are only a handful of pink sandy beaches in the world, so they are often visited by tourists curious about the sand’s color. In addition to Greece, the Bahamas, and the Caribbean Islands, it turns out that pink sand beaches in Indonesia are more numerous and no less beautiful.

The pink beaches of Indonesia are famous, so tourists from other countries often visit them. What are the pink sand beaches in the country?

1. Lambu Beach

First, let’s get acquainted with Lambu Beach, located in Lambu Village, Bima Regency, NTB. The distance from the city center is about 60 kilometers with quite good road conditions. Lambu Beach offers a stretch of soft pink sand that is kept clean.

The pink sand shows a nice contrast with the clear blue-green seawater. Tourists can enjoy the beach by sitting on the edge, walking along the shoreline and swimming in fairly calm waters.

2. Komodo Island Pink Beach

Not only are there ancient animals in Komodo National Park, but this tourist area also has pink sandy beaches. This beach offers striking pink sand, tourists can see it up close or enjoy it from the top of the hill near the beach.

The Pink Beach of Komodo Island is also a favorite snorkeling spot for tourists. Many tourists from neighboring countries such as Malaysia come. Moreover, travel to Indonesia from Malaysia, especially to Labuan Bajo, is easy with direct flights to Komodo International Airport.

3. Lombok Pink Beach

Furthermore, there is also a pink sandy beach in Lombok, NTB, which has another name Tangsi Beach. Pink Beach in Lombok offers exotic pink sand, clear sea water, and beautiful hills dotted with vast grasslands.

There are two best ways to spend time at Pink Lombok Beach: sitting relaxed in the gazebo near the beach or going up to the hill to see the beach from a height. Like other pink beaches, this beach in Lombok is also kept clean.

4. Serai Beach

Not many people know that the Komodo Island tourist area still has one more pink beach, Serai Beach. It is located on Rinca Island, a point of visit during island hopping activities in Komodo National Park.

The color of the sand on Serai Beach looks even more reddish pink when viewed up close. It looks so beautiful combined with the greenish seawater. Serai Beach is still far from the crowds of people so it is a suitable destination for those who want to enjoy a calm place.

Pink sandy beaches in Indonesia do have their own characters. The conditions are still well maintained so that no trash can be found. The natural scenery is captivating, even the underwater garden has beautiful corals and fishes.

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