Go to the Best Place on the Planet for Scuba Diving – the Island of Curacao

There are many vacationers who spent most of their time and money vacationing in the Caribbean especially if they are scuba divers. Those who love these waters might ever go for just a weekend, but Curacao is where they always go. The main reason is Curacao is believed to be the best waters for scuba diving. Also, the scenery and wildlife near Curacao are some the best anywhere. So if you are a scuba diver you need to go scuba diving in Curacao.

Scuba diving lessons

If you don’t know how to scuba dive there is a 3-hour course on Curacao. With a skilled scuba instructor, you will learn:

  • Communicate with fellow divers
  • How to breathe underwater
  • Maneuver in the ocean.

What comes with these lessons

All your diving equipment and one tank of oxygen is included in the price for the course. Learn about scuba diving by working with the direction of the expert dive instructors. When you are comfortable with this new skill you will be spending all your vacation time in Curacaos too. Go to https://camjontravel.com/why-scuba-diving-in-curacao-is-a-must/ for a lot of good information.

Bucket list

Most divers can easily check off items on their “bucket lists” after only one trip to this diving paradise. These will be;

  • Conditions that are calm
  • Great visibility
  • Reefs that are healthy
  • Macros life
  • Unlimited shore diving

Shore diver’s dream

This entire island is a shore diver’s dream. Curacao is surrounded by a fringing and healthy reef – because of pollution, there are not many healthy reefs left. Here are dozens of dive sites within steps of the road. There are also plenty of major car rental companies at “Hato International Airport” and near the terminals for cruise ships in Willemstad that stand ready for your business of renting a car to drive and dive.

Eat and dance

Moreover, the nightlife in this area is also a thing of beauty with some of the finest restaurants and clubs on the planet. You can eat lobster every night and it doesn’t cost that much. Nor will your other accommodations be that expensive.

Best place to go

This is truly one of the best places in the Caribbean to vacation – try it and you will fall in love with it.

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