Keeping all important and Financial Documents Handy When Applying for Student Visas

If you plan to pursue your high studies abroad, then there might be lots of confusion on how to apply, what documents you would need whether you are eligible for educational loans.

General Documents Required for Applying for Visa

Different countries require different documents when it comes to offering visas to students. You might want to get in touch with the concerned embassies to learn about the requirements. If you have taken a loan, you can opt for bank guarantee certificates.

Many companies such as offer students renting money for visa (เช่า เงิน ขอ visa), term in Thai) provided you share relevant documents such as an ID proof of you and your sponsor, house registration proof of you and your sponsor, a copy of your account book, and a confirmation document from the university you applied for.

Bank guarantees are wherein the bank steps up on behalf of you or your sponsor if you fail to pay off your loans within the loan period.

Now, all foreign countries will have a common set of documents that you need to produce while applying for your student visa. These documents include:

  • Application form along with your visa essay
  • Your recent passport-size photo as per dimension and background mentioned by the country
  • Photo id proof in the form of your PAN card or voter ID
  • Your valid and current entrance exam score for the country you applied for
  • Work experience documents if any
  • Your academic certificates right from your 10th grade to the latest one
  • Your financial documents showcasing you have sufficient funds to apply for the visa
  • If you are planning for an internship, then a resume
  • Recommendation letters from your teachers or professors
  • Valid travel documents such as passport, acceptance letter from the universities
  • Health documents such as specific vaccination certificates which as mandatory in some countries

Essential Financial Documents Required for Students Visa

Financial documents for applying for a student visa include:

· Bank Account Statements

You need to share the scan copies of the bank statements signed and sealed by your bank for a certain timeframe. This needs to be a savings account.

· Scholarship Letters

If you have been granted a scholarship by your university, then these also need to be furnished with your financial documents.

· Education Bank Loan Approval Letter

If you have opted for an education loan, then you need to share the sanction letter from your bank, specifying the loan amount and the type of savings you hold.

· Property Evaluation Report for Student Loans

Many countries such as Australia and New Zealand ask for property evaluation reports for loans procured through properties.

· CA Certificate

Some countries require a CA certificate that states the different assets owned by you. You need to specify both current and fixed assets which need to be signed by a CA.

· Sponsorship Letters

If you have been sponsored by your parents or guardians, you need to furnish a sponsorship letter from them on stamp paper. They also need to provide the EPF statements showing that they have sufficient funds to sponsor your education.

In addition to this, you might also need to deposit at least a year deposit of your living expenses along with additional fees as prescribed by the universities you are applying for.


Supporting documents along with your admission form and financial documents are very important. If any one of the documents is missing, your visa might get declined.

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