Some Lesser-Known Facts about Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico, officially the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, is a territory in the United States which is located in the northeast section of the Caribbean Sea. Its overall area is 9,104 square km. Its largest city is also its capital which is San Juan. The official languages are English and Spanish. The currency used in this region is the United States dollar (USD).

There are so many facts about Puerto Rico which the world is not aware of yet. There are so many things to learn about the culture, people and the place all in all. Now let us jump and learn about more interesting traits of Porto Rico below:

1. Its name has been derived due to the huge amount of natural resources it possesses, especially in the form of gold.

2. It is also commonly known as the land of the Valiant Lord.

3. One of the most renowned and largest cities of Porto Rico is San Juan.

4. It was first discovered in the year 1493, by the famous navigator and explorer, Christopher Columbus

5. Barceloneta which is located in Puerto Rico is known to have the world’s hugest pharmaceutical complex.

6. There are a particular species of frog known as ‘Coqui’ which can only be found here.

7. It also has the largest rum distillery in San Juan, which is called The Bacardi rum factory.

8. It has a tropical rain forest but there are no snakes and bears found in its rainforest.

9. Each year, more than five million people come to visit Porto Rico.

10. Coming to cruise-ship ports, Porto Rico sure has the world’s busiest ports.

11. The chief trading partner of Porto Rico is the United States.

12. The national dish of this country is Arroz con Gandules.

13. The citizens of this country do not pay any income tax.

14. The longest river here is the Rio De La Plata.

15. One of the sports which is considered legal and hugely popular is cock-fighting.

16. The Puerto Rican actress by the name of Rita Moreno is the first person in the world who won an Oscar.

17. In San Juan, two of the oldest churches in America are located.

18. Leatherback sea turtle, which is the largest living reptile of the world, resides in Porto Rico.

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