The Deserted Village of Tyneham – Worth a Visit

The tiny village of Tyneham in the south of England is steeped in history. It was once a lively country village but during the second World War everyone who lived in the village was forced to leave by the government. They wanted the land for army training purposes.

All the villagers were forced to leave and were never allowed to return.

Today Tyneham village is a must see tourist attraction for anyone who is visiting the UK. The majority of the buildings are just rubble but you can still get a great idea of what life used to be like here during in the early 1940s.

Three main buildings have been restored and now act as museums. The church, the school and Tyneham farm. These are usually open to the public but it’s not guaranteed. Even when the village is open these sometimes remain closed.

About one mile away from Tyneham village is the stunning Worbarrow Bay. This amazing beach is really nice place to relax on a hot day and well worth the walk. The only car park is in Tyneham village so if you want to get to the beach your only choice is by foot.

There are no amenities at Tyneham apart from some public toilets so make sure you bring a picnic or at the very least, some drinking water.

Getting to Tyneham is easy if you have your own transport. The village of Corfe Castle is close by as well as Swanage. Both of these places have lots of choice regarding accommodation.

If you are in the area then Tyneham village is highly recommended. It’s like stepping back in time.

Before you go you should plan your trip because Tyneham isn’t open every day. Even now, to this day the village of Tyneham and its surrounding area are still used for army training. This means that you can only visit on certain days. The same is true for Worbarrow Bay.

Also you should most definitely stick to the pathways. There are many unexploded bombs in the surrounding countryside so make sure you follow signs at all times and don’t stray off the path!

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