Visit Greece – Let the History unfold

Greece is a home to marvelous monuments archaeological sites. There are many reasons one should visit Greece at least once. Whether you are looking for exotic cuisines, breath-taking landscapes, exciting nightlife, Greece has got all of it. So if you are willing to take a trip to Greece, then you should definitely visit 7daysabroad to know more about Greece. These are a few places you should visit if you ever take a tour here.


  • Athens is a beautiful place to visit anytime in the year.
  • You can spend your entire day visiting the archaeological sites including the Acropolis, the Temple of Hephaestus, and the Ancient Agora.
  • You can go and watch the Evzones, who, with their pleated skirts, white stockings, and pompom shoes, guard the tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Syntagma Square.
  • Athenians love shopping. You will always find an enthusiastic crowd at the antique market. You can hit the local boutiques and or malls for both – the atmosphere and bargains.


  • In Santorini, you can view the best sunset in the world. Oia is a beautiful place to do this.
  • Santorini is an extremely photogenic place of remarkable landscapes.
  • Almost every house here has a private chapel, which gives a hint of spirituality.
  • One who is fascinated with archaeology should definitely visit the excavations at Akrotiri.
  • If you are a fan of adventure, Santorini also has ghost towns for you, where deserted streets will give you a haunting experience.


  • Hersonissos is a great destination if you are thinking of a trip with families.
  • You can enjoy the sun and beaches all day long.
  • You can visit area museums like the Lychnostatis Open Air Museum. This museum gives you a lot of information about the lifestyles and trade histories of the early people of the island.
  • Another must-visit museum is the Archaeological Museum in Heraklion where you can appreciate the exhibits from the Minion times.
  • You can enjoy the nightlife here, by going to the beach bars and the clubs.

These are the places which will amaze you once you visit Greece.

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