Why Local Tour Guides Are Better

Tour guides are people that do tours. There are many types of tour guides, from the people that do it on the bus, to the people that show everyone the key places to go and the locals. Depending on your preferences, in any country, you can hire a tour guide. This is perfect for the people that want to experience a certain place but doesn’t know where to go, doesn’t want to get lost or pressed for time and just wants to have a quick to see snap for their social media and brag to their friends that “hey I actually had been there!”.

There’s a good reason why in travel shows, they don’t hang in the usual travel and tours bus because simply put it, having a travel show on a tour bus is boring, not interesting and they might as well just never do the show. People need interesting things, things that one can’t see, feel and taste in travel and tours buses. This is the reason why it makes more sense in hiring a local instead.

Are there really no locals that are up to the task?

Although not all locals will show you around, there are surely some locals that will. Not just tell you where the restaurant that you’re looking for is located or where you can get a cab ride. There are companies that are actually offering local guide services. How it works is that, once you choose your local, they will show you around, direct you food places where you can eat food, go to places where its good to shoot, and many many more.

Why should you hire them?

You should hire them because they make your vacation fun and definitely an experience that you won’t forget. Put it this way, although their concepts are the same as travel and tours, they go to places that no normal travel and tours go. Simply, they go where you can get an authentic local experience in the place that you’re visiting, from the food, people, places, rides, and many many more. If this is your kind of experience then, a local tour guide is what you should hire.

Are they perfect for everybody?

The fact is that, they are not for everybody, because, although you can hire them and they can easily customize their services based on your needs, like you don’t want to experience eating bizarre foods, or you don’t want very long walks or you want to bring your family with you during the tour and many many more, they are ideal for people that plan to spend more than 2 hours on a tour. A day or days even. So if you’re in a hurry you might want to consider your options.

Hiring locals as a guide might just be a really good idea, simply because they can easily customize their services based on your needs and preferences. Aside from that, they take you to places that no standard travels and tours will ever offer you. But, they do require more time so if you don’t have that time, then you might reassess your options. But for the most part, you should definitely hire them because they will make it all worthwhile for you.

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