Why You Should Visit The Small Town of Zug In Switzerland

Zug is well known for its low taxes and international companies which provide jobs for many. The number of companies is almost as equal to the number of residents. But Zug is not only that. It has a beautiful historic center with lovely buildings, the lakefront for enchanting strolls and mountains surrounding it which provide a great view from the top. You can visit its museums which offer exceptional content or eat amazing food. During the cherry season, everything is cherry favored, you can even find cherry sausages. You can hire a chauffeur service in Zug for transportation to do any of these things and visit any of these places.

1. Eat Cake

You have not truly experienced Zug until you have tried its famous cherry liqueur infused layered butter cake. The Zuger kirschtorte. It is truly a mouthful. Right? If you are on a diet break it for one day, you won’t regret it. Zuger kirschtorte is made of nut-meringue, sponge cake, and buttercream. Be aware that this is not the cake children can have. It contains serious amounts of alcohol since it is almost completely soaked in the cherry liquor Kirsch.

2. Enjoy during the cherry season

The canton of Zug is known for growing cherries. They thrive in this area. When this fruit is in season, many events which are related to cherries take place. The first one is Cherry Storm. It takes place at the end of June. This event is a race which celebrates the beginning of the cherry-picking season. In the past, people knew that cherries were ready for picking when the large bell rang for the first time at noon in June. They rushed off to Allmend, communal orchards, to pick the sweetest cherries carrying long wooden ladders and baskets at their back. No one could pick cherries before the cherry bell rang. If they did, they were punished. It can be quite an amusing sight for the eyes nowadays seeing many people running in the historical center of the city. Cherry Day is one more event you should not miss. It occurs in July and on that day, you can buy not only cherry fruit but also cherry syrup, Zuger kirschtorte, and even cherry sausage.

3. Eat great food

Since the Zug is home to as many companies as the residents it is logical that the number of people working in Zug is higher than the number of people living there. All these people need somewhere to eat which resulted in numerous restaurants serving food to everyone’s taste.

When in a hurry drop in the Treichler. This restaurant offers fast food but at a high level. Every day you can choose one of two soups in the soup bar or choose a sandwich or a quiche. If you happen to have time for something sweet and are not driving you should definitely eat the Zuger Kirschtorte.

Whenever you are traveling you should try local cuisine. It will make you understand local people better. Wirthaus Brandenberg is a restaurant which will introduce you to the tastes that locals enjoy at reasonable prices. The most adorned meals there are the white sausage weisswurst, the roast chicken and pan-fried meatballs.

You can opt to have a meal in nature as well. During warm sunny days and in summer you should most definitely choose a bench by the lake. When you are there you can take a quick boat ride, if your schedule allows it, or check the aviary. If you are a flower lover and want to have lunch surrounded by beautiful roses make sure to check out the Rose Garden on the Guggi hill located above the post office. Not only that you will enjoy the smell of roses, some very rare, but also you will eat your meal having a great view of the town, the lake, and the mountains.

4. Spend the day by the lake

A glacial Lake Aegeri can be a perfect place to spend your free time. Its deep blue water and breathtaking panorama make it the ideal spot for relaxation and refreshment.  As previously mentioned, you can have a peaceful meal on one of many benches along the shore taking in the natural beauty of this lake. If you are more of the athletic type you can go for a jog, ride a bike or even skate by the shore. You can also take a boat ride on the lake and relax while having delicious food being served to you on board.

5. Visit Zug Castle

Zug castle is a Swiss heritage site and one of the landmarks of the city of Zug. It was the home of the ruling class Lenzburg, Kyburg and Habsburg families. When Zug joined the Swiss confederation in 1352 the castle served as the residence for important Zug families as it came into private ownership. The castle became a museum after the restoration which lasted from 1979 to 1982. Since then, it stands as an important landmark and a museum of cultural history for the canton and the city of Zug.

You can find out about the history of this canton and all the important events from the past. In each room, you will see exhibits from different points in history and the cultural highlights. If you are interested, you can book a guided tour. When in need of refreshment, you can go to the castle café or enjoy in the castle courtyard.

6. Visit the clock tower Zytturm

The city of Zug has several historic towers. But the tallest of them is the clock tower Zytturm. It is 52 meters tall. This tower has a unique roof. It is tiled in blue and white colors. In the past, Zytturm had many different functions, one of them was a prison. Today it is an elegant astronomical clock. In addition to showing the time, it also shows the month, the phase of the moon, the day of the week and if the year is a leap year or not. If you want to go in, you have to go to the shop at the base of the tower to get a key. You let yourself in and lock up when done. When you have climbed the steep stairs, you will be able to enjoy great views and take amazing photos of the city, hills and the lake. Where else can you get the key and let yourself into a city landmark?

7. Visit the museums

Kunsthaus Zug has the biggest collection of Viennese art outside the Vienna. You can see the works from Schiele, Klimt, Wotruba, and Gerts. When you are finished observing the art, you can relax in a lovely garden or drop by the bar at the museum for a drink. One more museum you must see is The Museum of Prehistory. Here you will have a journey through time and go to the past. You will be able to see how Roman women, Iron Age traders, hunters lead their lives. In addition, you can check out the archaeological soil findings from the canton of Zug.

8. Enjoy a day on the mountain

The Zugerberg is a mountain that rises up from the lake Zug. When you reach the top, you can enjoy the great view of the city and the lake. You can ride up to the mountain on the cable train or hike up using three marked hiking trails. Everyone can use them, from little children to adults. When you reach the top you will find restaurants, a playground for kids and most importantly a great view. The mountain is open year-round so you can hike it in the summer or go skiing in the winter.

Zug is a wonderful city which welcomes everyone. You will never be bored there. Enjoy the best of Swiss cuisine and try some amazing sweets. Spend the day by the lake or have a great day on the mountain. You can always visit the museums and the Zug castle or watch the sunsets from the top of the tower Zytturum.

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