Zambia holidays tips

This big country (the size of France) has given nearly 1/3 of its land to reserves and national parks – and yet it is barely on the radar of many visitors. People are extremely friendly and display a rich cultural heritage during their bright traditional ceremonies, which is open to westerners to witness their very old and timeless mystique. Zambia has recorded more than 742 bird species in areas of amazing scenic beauty and has some of the top freshwater fishing accessible including remarkable Tiger fishing. Best of all though, Zambia is one of the most politically stable countries in Africa, with seventy-three tribes living in harmony.

Here are some of the best Zambia holidays packages tips and tricks:

Best time to go

Zambia is top visited between May to October when the rains have recorded and bush change into a charming golden red. Cooler temperatures permit for long days out walking and game viewing is at its most incredible. To view the Victoria Falls at their complete capacity, they need to be visited between March to June when the water levels are at their highest and most amazing. Activities such as White Water Rafting Victoria Falls swimming in the Devils pool are top for visits when the water levels are lower, from July to March. So book your cheap flights to Zambia now.

Best areas and why

The Lower Zambezi and South Luangwa are perhaps the top known areas for Zambia safari, and not without reason. South Luangwa provides some of the excellent walking safaris all through Africa, whilst the lower Zambezi is a remarkable national park running along the border of the Zambezi River, providing boat trips on the river as well as fishing, canoeing, walking, and game drives. Kafue is well famous and hosts fewer visitors each year than its counterparts, anyway has exceptional game viewing and the advantage for far fewer people to share the experience with. A tour to Zambia is incomplete without a visit to Livingstone, the Zambian side of the remarkable Victoria Falls.


When on safari, neutral dressing in colors such as green, khaki, and brown should be worn, blending in with the bush surroundings as much as easy. Hot trousers and jumpers will be essential for the cooler evening and mornings when the temperature does drop. Layers are also vital, once the sun has risen it warms up very fast and then the chance to shed a couple of layers is extremely welcome. Some best sturdy walking or holiday safari shoes would also be suggestive, particularly as walking in such a delight in Zambia and something to make the most of.


Visas can be purchased on arrival in-country. If visiting the Victoria Falls, it is advised to get a UNIVISA which permits for visits to both the Zambian and Zimbabwean side, ensuring amazing views all around of the falls.


Tipping in Zambia is fully at your place but as a guideline, we advise the US $10 per person per day for your ranger and tracker and the US $20 to be divided amongst the rest of the hotel staff.

When it comes to restaurants, some establishments will include service charge for your bill; if not, ten percent is standard.

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