3 Fun Alternatives To A Hotel Room When You Travel

We are no longer limited to hotels alone while we travel. Most people instinctively think about booking a hotel during travel, but we need to think outside the hotel room-sized box. If when you travel, you only stay in hotels, it may prevent you from trying some unique alternatives. While there are probably numerous other possibilities for accommodations…. Let’s talk about 3 of the fun ones.

You could camp. The most traditional way to camp is in a tent. You set it up yourself, you save a few bucks, and it offers a very unique way to travel.  When you choose to stay at a campsite over a hotel, you are fully surrounded by nature. That’s not the only benefit when you spend a few days outside; you get some serious health benefits from the fresh air and extra oxygen. You can explore during the day and spend the night relaxing by a fire on a blanket, chair, hammock, or even on the ground. Roughing it is part of the adventure.

You could glamp. Glamping is a step up from camping. It’s a little more glamorous as the word suggests but is still classified as adventure travel. The accommodation is part of the travel experience.  In most people’s mind, glamping refers to the stunning safari tents seen when you look at photos of an exotic African safari. The term doesn’t only refer to safari tents; it includes tipis, tiny houses, stunning tree houses, shipping containers that have been transformed into a funky place to stay, etc. A glamping site may feel a little camping but still has some of the comforts of home or it may have super luxurious 5-star amenities.

You could rent someone’s home. It might be cheaper, give you more space, and the option to search for the amenities you desire if you choose to rent someone’s home over staying in a hotel room. Depending on who is traveling with you, you might have to book more than one hotel room. For a family of four, you would need at least two rooms. Rather than renting two rooms in a hotel, you can rent an entire apartment, townhouse or house for the same price. This will make you feel more at home with your own bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. You can find all types of fun rental homes.

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Taylor Braithwaite -Taylor is a travel enthusiast. She manages the travel devotee Instagram page and has traveled to unique hotels and destinations in 16 different countries.

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