4 Recommendations for Kids Friendly Restaurants in Bali

4 Recommendations for Kids-Friendly Restaurants in Bali

Vacationing on the island of Bali with family is fun indeed. But if you are bringing children, you must consider which places are safe for your entire family members. For restaurants we have four recommendations for kids-friendly restaurants. 

Warung Mogan Vegetarian 

This restaurant, located in Badung Regency, has a view of rice fields, ponds, and trees, which will spoil your eyes and calm your mind. As the name implies, this restaurant provides food for vegetarians. The spacious area is, of course, equipped with a large playground. You don’t need to worry about watching your children playing while eating because this playground area is equipped with a long dining table around it. Like a playground in general, in this area, there is a ball pool, trampoline, slides, toy cars, big balls, and more.

La Casita

Have you ever tried Peruvian food? If not, you can visit the La Casita restaurant located on Umalas Street, Bali. For the children’s area, La Casita provides a large yard and complete playing facilities according to the theme, such as a cooking area, pirate ship, market area, and others. You can also watch over your kids from inside the joglo-shaped dining area. On certain days there is a cooking class for kids, and you know what? It’s free!

Berawa’s Kitchen

This restaurant, which is in Raya Semat Street, Canggu area, is also a restaurant that is quite busy every day. The dishes are also very diverse, starting from Indonesian, Western, Mexican, Indian, Italian, and others. For the playing area, apart from having a playground, the large outdoor space can also be enjoyed by your children. This restaurant provides colouring kits if you are bored playing and running around. On certain days there is also a jumping castle ride and live music. Sounds fun, right?

The Cashew Tree

Don’t you want to relax while the kids are playing? The Cashew Tree is the place. The restaurant is located at Bingin Beach Street. Apart from providing healthy food, Bingin Beach also provides a place for those who want to do yoga. This restaurant offers a variety of healthy foods, such as colourful smoothies, vegetarian dishes, salads, and even a bento menu for children. The children’s play area is very spacious. This nature-themed restaurant is also available indoors and outdoors. You and your family can spend all day at this restaurant. Let’s enjoy the day while sipping one of the best Indonesian coffee brands, Kintamani Coffee.

Apart from the four restaurants above, of course, many other restaurants in Bali are kids-friendly. After a tiring day playing at Bali Safari, Marine Park and Monkey Forest Ubud, you will have no regret if you visit our four recommended restaurants. Happy holidays!

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