9 Types of Women's Swimwear Suitable for Vacations

9 Types of Women’s Swimwear Suitable for Vacations

What are the best things to do in Lombok? What’s the answer if not to the beach?

Beaches are the primary destination when traveling to islands such as Lombok and Bali. When going to the beach, especially for relaxation and swimming, you need to wear the right swimwear.

Swimwear line is suitable for wearing on the beach and swimming, like in the infinity pool in Bali. Looking for what type of women’s swimwear is right for you? 


A bikini has a type of two-piece swimwear consisting of a top and bottom. Usually, bikinis have a triangular model, but now there are many bikinis whose models are unique and attractive. A bikini is usually used for sunbathing because of its minimal shape so that many areas of the skin are exposed to sunlight.


Want to wear a bikini but don’t want it to be too sexy? Tankini is the answer. Tankini is a combination of a tank top and a bikini. So the model is like a tank top, but only on the chest, not up to the stomach. Then, the bottom is designed like a bikini.


Monokini is a combination of a one-piece swimsuit with a bikini. The model is like a one-piece swimsuit, and the way to wear it is the same. But on the stomach, the monokini has a hole accent that looks separate from the top and bottom, like a bikini. Monokini is suitable for you who want to look playful and unique.


Bandeaukini has a strapless design. So it’s similar to a tank top but only covers the chest. The bottom remains the same as the bikini.


Halter or halter neck is a model that only has one strap on the neck. So it has the hanging style. Not only in swimwear, but halter can also be found in other women’s clothing.


Don’t want to bother with two piece swimwear like a bikini? One piece can be your choice. One-piece has a classic and timeless model of public swimwear.


You don’t want stripes of sunburns on your hands? Try long-sleeved swimwear instead. At the top, everything is covered like a long-sleeved shirt. Then at the bottom, like a one-piece or bikini bottoms, open from the groin down.


Another combination of bikinis is the burkini, which stands for burka and bikini. Burkini is usually worn by those who wear the hijab. The model has long sleeves and trousers with a looser style to not reveal the body’s shape. Burkini is also equipped with a head covering instead of a hijab.

Dive suits

As the name implies, a dive suit is indeed used for diving or snorkeling. Because the material is thicker to avoid the bites or stings of marine animals. A diving suit can be used as an alternative for those who don’t want stripes but still want to wear a body-fit swimsuit.

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