5 Recommendations for your First Trip Abroad

Traveling is beautiful and whether you are going to do it for a long or short time sounds (and most of the time it is) super fun. But it also involves a lot of questions that surely, if it is your first time traveling outside your country, will raise a lot of questions. So here, Cathay Pacific took the trouble to write you some recommendations so that your first trip abroad is absolutely perfect.

Take good care of your documents:

With some exceptions in which depending on your nationality and the country you are going to visit, you can travel with your identity document, from now on your passport is everything. And when I say everything, believe me, it’s everything. I take care of my passport almost more than anything else because losing it can sometimes mean that the end of your trip has arrived.

Check the validity of your passport:

As it is your first trip abroad, maybe your passport is fresh from the oven, but it could also be that you took it out some time ago and are about to release it. If that is your case, look closely when it expires. Most of the countries require the passport to be valid for at least 6 months from the date of entry into the place.

Bring copies of important papers:

Having a copy of your passport, for example, will help you to avoid having to carry the original with you all the time and thus run less risk of losing it. I printed the most important thing and have a backup in your email, on a hard disk or even on the cell phone just in case.

Get travel assistance:

Yes, I know, they are expensive and it is an expense that you did not have calculated but is necessary. First, because anything that happens to you outside your country can be more expensive than assistance – there are exceptions, but better not to risk it. Second, because it is extra tranquility for you and your family (you are not going to want to leave everyone worried, right?). And third, because in some places it is mandatory. In the countries of the European Union, for example, they can deny you entry if they ask for it and you don’t have it. There are many companies that offer insurance so it is good to know what to consider before choosing the right traveler assistance.

Don’t want to take the entire closet with you:

Whether you’re going for a long time or taking a short vacation, you don’t need to take everything you have. Think that you have to carry you and nobody else but you. Minimize as much as you can, pack the basics and you’re done. Think that whatever you lack you will be able to get anywhere else, so if you forget something it is not so serious.

Never put valuables in your luggage:

It may sound obvious, but I met more than one person whose trip was ruined because something was stolen from the suitcase or backpack. The silver, the documents, the camera, the computer and anything of value that you are going to carry, always have them with you in your backpack or handbag.

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