Travel Cheap by Staying in Hostels

What is a hostel many will ask? This is a short-term and low-cost form of lodging where people can “rent a bed” – in some cases a bunk bed located in a dormitory area. They share lounge-like areas and often a kitchen. Individual rooms are mixed or single-sex and have shared or private bathrooms. More and more hostels now are providing private rooms, family rooms as well as apartments.

Low-budget travel

There are hostels all over the world and they are low-budget places to stay shared among those staying there. When a person reserves a stay in a hostel, usually they are booking a bed for the night, not a room. Hostels are a trend toward more contact, cost much less than hotels, but do not offer all the personal services or privacy one might find at a hotel.

See the world

If you are wanting to travel and see the world cheaply – then hostels might be just right for you. And there are hostels in Puerto Viejo Costa Rica. There are several websites where you can find out about hostels, how much they cost and can make reservations. There are several located in Puerto Viejo at very low prices.

Young people

This is the way that many young people used to travel the world. They will stay in cheap hostels while they visit the sites in the area they are staying in. When in Costa Rica there is a lot to see and do and hostels will make visiting there a lot cheaper.

To see and do

There are many beaches to visit all along the coastline of Costa Rica. And if you are staying in Puerto Viejo there is a lot to do and see including:

  • Cahuita National Park hiking trails and waterfalls;
  • Chocolate tour in the Indian reserve;
  • Bike tours from Puerto Viejo to Manzanillo;

Snorkeling and hiking in several areas.

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