Best Places to Stay in the United States

When you travel to a new place, you often wish to stay in that place forever. It takes a lot of thinking, and also it is a daunting task when you are thinking about shifting or settling in a new place. You have to think about convenience, the economy. It is not just a two-day trip but a decision that would affect your whole life.

Thus before choosing any city or state to settle keep in mind that you should consider the overall quality of life, the economic stability of that place, and the job ranking in that city or state. Thus here are some of the where to live in the United States places that indeed have been on the top list for a long time.


Raleigh and Durham are two separate cities, but because they use the same airport, therefore, these two cities are connected by a hyphen. These two cities would show you how charming the people of the South are thus living up to their name. With their hospitality and their charming smiles and the way the locals would hold doors for you to enter before them, it truly is a fascinating place to live. Thus, this is one of the places on the list of where to live in United States.



Seattle is one of the most beautiful cities where you could live in the United States. And the people or the locals living there know how to take advantage of that. Here you would understand the importance of maintaining a balance between work and personal quality time. Also, a paradise for people who love food, you would get every type of cuisine here and breathe fresh air.


Being a center for hipsters, the place is filled with cafes and breweries in every road and colony. But if you are a museum lover and want to explore the various historical sites, garden, park and everything else after work hours, this place indeed would be a great option for you. And experiencing less than 150 days of sunshine it is a much more palatable place.

San Francisco:

Once you have reached the Marin Headlands, you would understand looking at the Golden Gate Bridge how beautiful the whole place is and why the locals are so proud of their hometown. From epic homes and enjoying various culinary delights, it is the place to be.

Thus these are some of the most popular and safe and beautiful cities in the United States, which would be beneficial for both your mental and physical health and also when you are thinking about starting fresh.

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