Best Temple Towns in Asia You Must Explore

Asia offers visitors a lot of splendid tourist destinations and exciting places to visit and adventure. That is probably why tourist counts in the countries of Asia never degrade. Even if you keep aside the adventurous places, there are many spiritual places to visit, which are also capable of giving you a peaceful state of mind. Travel Asia to discover out all these beautiful and ancient temple towns that only Asia can offer you.

Angkor Wat, The Cambodian Pride

The Angkor Wat is by far the most popular temple town and a great tourist spot now at Siem Reap, which bears the heritage of 12th century. It is a Hindu temple and you can refer to it as one of the National points of pride of the country of Cambodia. Structurally, the Angkor Wat is the largest and the biggest of all religious structures present in this world. Visit the place to feel delighted to be a part of a historical place.

Borobudur, The Majestic Indonesian Piece Of Architecture

Located on a hillside somewhere near to Java in Indonesia, the 8th-9th-century Buddhist temple is one of the majestic places to visit in the country. The Borobudur has a history of being one of the lengthiest constructions ever.


It took a total of 75 years to construct the structure, which boasts of not using even a single grain of cement or mortar. Journey to the Borobudur is glee for tourists. You can read travel Asia reviews to know more about Borobudur.

The Golden Temple In Amritsar Holds The Dignity Of The Indian Sikhs

You can get to the Golden Temple if you visit Punjab in India. Known for being the most sacred and the holiest shrine for the Sikhs, the Golden Temple is a great place to visit. Visiting the Golden Temple, you will understand that the structure is more like a blend of both Hindu and Islamic traces of culture. With constant chanting of Sikh prayers, the Golden Temple also holds a spectacular sight. Daily, they provide food to some 60,000 to 80,000 pilgrims from all over the World.

The Kek Lok Si In Penang Proves Malaysia’s Rich Diversity

The beautiful Kek Lok Si is just the perfect example of how diverse Malaysia is in terms of culture. It is the largest Buddhist temple in Malaysia and looks no less than wonderful! You can visit this to experience a new level of Buddhist temple, which you might not have seen so far.

These were some of the best temple towns to visit in Asia.

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