5 Must-See Attractions in Rhodes

Greece is a wonderful country that has plenty to offer to its visitors, and Rhodes is one of its finest islands. Rhodes is as much known for its excellent beaches as for its archaeological sites and natural wonders. It is an island that has so many attractions, which makes choosing where to go and what to visit can be a quite daunting task.

That is why we’ve made this list, so you don’t miss all the top spots. Here are the top 5 must-see attractions in Rhodes.

#5 Explore Rhodes Town

Rhodes is one of those cities where you don’t mind losing your way. The city is divided into two parts; old town and new town. The old town is full of ancient sites and historic structures to enjoy. The new town is the opposite of that with its fancy stores and cafes. Both parts of town have their distinctive charm and complement each other perfectly.

#4 Grand Master’s Palace

The Grandmaster’s palace is a rare example of Gothic architecture in this part of the world. The castle is a World Heritage Site that dates from the 7th century.

Originally, the castle was a Byzantine citadel. During the 14th century, the castle was turned into a fortress by the Knights Hospitaller. It was then turned into a residence for the Grand Masters of the Knights Hospitaller.

Nowadays, the palace is a museum where tourists can explore its past through its many artifacts and monuments. It offers an incredible glimpse into the past.

#3 Mandraki Port

According to some sources, the Mandraki port is where the Colossus of Rhodes stood until it was brought down by a massive earthquake. There are many opposing arguments. Nowadays, the Mandraki port in Rhodes is its most northernmost harbor and one that is the most fun to explore.

At first, there was just one guard tower on the location which later was turned into a fortress under the leadership of Grand Master d’Aubusson. It is an iconic region that has plenty to offer to anyone with a curious mind and love for history. Its windmills are as iconic as its St. Nicholas castle.

#2 Head To The Beaches

Rhodes’ historical sites and architecture are exceptional, but the same goes for its beaches as well. Some of the best ones are Anthony Quinn Beach, St. Paul’s Bay, Prasonisi Beach, and Tsambika Beach. Each has a set of feature that makes it distinct, and because of that, they are worth the visit and spend at least a day there.

#1 Visit the Valley of the Butterflies

This is a 600-acre area packed with various types of flowers and thousands of butterflies. Numerous trails lead to different parts of the park where you can explore the different types of butterflies. And if you get tired of chasing butterflies, you can always check out the Museum of Natural History located in the park.

From the moment you step out from your Rhodes airport taxi to the moment you say your goodbye to this amazing island, relaxation and a great time are guaranteed. Rhodes is a fantastic island that can offer that for even the pickiest tourists. This list is just a scratch on the surface what Rhodes can offer.

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