Traveling with kids exposes your children to new cultures, food, and activities. These early trips add a positive effect on their lives. One of the adventurous places to take your kids to is Ethiopia. For most travelers, Ethiopia is a destination enfold in mystery.

Ethiopia has a tremendous amount of history and culture and is one of the most ancient civilizations that we have today. It is a country known for its rich history, unique culture, great coffee, and breathtaking natural beauty. It is a place full of things to do and incredible sights to discover.

5 Best Things to do in Ethiopia When You Travel With Kids

Here are 5 things you can do in Ethiopia when you travel with kids:

1. Take a Tour of Addis Ababa (The Capital City)

The vibrant capital of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, is the first stop for most Ethiopia travelers. It is the country’s diplomatic hub and an excellent introduction to Ethiopia. The city has a number of museums and cathedrals worth checking out. These include the National Museum of Ethiopia, famous for its remains of the early humans, and Addis Ababa’s Museum of Ethnology. Addis Ababa’s famous cathedrals include St.George’s, The Holy Trinity, and Bale Medhane Alem Cathedrals are all very impressive. While in the city, you can enjoy Ethopia’s rich cuisine and coffee.

2. Hike on Bale and Simien Mountains National Parks

Hiking is absolute the best way to explore these parks and take on its beautiful surroundings. The Bale Mountains rises up 4000 meters above sea level and is perhaps best known as the home to vast numbers of wildlife including the endemic Ethiopian wolf (aka the Simien Fox).

In Simien Mountains, you get the chance to spot Gelada monkeys, a species of the Old World monkeys that are endemic to the Ethiopian Highlands and are easily spotted in the Simien Mountains National Park. If you want your kids to enjoy natural landscapes, make sure to visit these parks. Both are just stunning and worth your time.

3. Relax in Lake Langano

Looking for where to relax with kids? Lake Langano is the best place to be. Its milky brown waters are mineral-rich and have been declared bilharzia-free which means it is perfectly safe for swimming. Apart from swimming the picturesque area is good for birdwatching.

4. Visit Lalibela

Lalibela is known as one of the best Ethiopia tourist attractions due to its plethora of unique stone cut churches, some of which have been literally dug out of the bedrock. The churches in Lalibela are different from those in the Tigray region. They are easy to get to, fun to explore and offer an opportunity to admire intricate icon paintings housed inside.

5. Have fun shopping in Edna Mall

Edna mall is a unique place with a beautiful view. You can enjoy shopping, theater, spa, and playground for kids. It is a special place to spend time and play games with your kids – all at an affordable price.

Our take? Ethiopia is a country full of beautiful landscapes, fascinating sights, and unique experiences. It is one that’s bound to inspire and excite your kids. Attending a festival or visiting one of Ethiopia’s many traditional people can be an appalling way to open your children’s eyes to culture and ways of living.

Traveled to Ethiopia with kids? Do let us know the amazing things you did and the places you visited!

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