Goa – A must-visit place when traveling to India

If you are in India, make sure you visit Goa. It is the perfect summer destination for all types of travelers. Goa beach is one of the best beaches not only in India but in Asia. Aside from the beach, people also love the laidback pace of life. If you have been a lot of stress lately or just want to stay away from the hustle and bustle of city life, Goa will be the perfect escape.

Below are the reasons why every traveler should consider visiting Goa:

1. The relaxing vibe –

Goa is perfect for people who want to distress. We all have our share of problems and stress and getting away from everything that is stressing us once in a while isn’t bad at all. If the toxic problems you faced on a day to day basis is too much to bear, then escape once in a while. There are Goa hotels for you to choose from. So accommodation won’t be a problem.

2. The stunning and pristine beaches –

The beach is the main reason why people love to visit Goa. The beaches are a breath of fresh air. You can enjoy white sands, blue Arabian sea, and the coconut groves. For pristine beaches, head on to the north or south part as the central part of Goa is crowded, especially during summer.

3. Breath-taking sunset –

The peaceful and calming vibe of the beautiful sunset is what Goa is known for.

4. Mouth-watering foods –

If you are adventurous when it comes to food, then Goa will not disappoint you. The food is a mixture of local flavors with Portuguese influences. If you love seafood, then you can have all you want. Most of the foods are rice and coconut-based. The foods are fresh and serve from the sea to your plate. So, even those who have a discriminating palate will surely love Goa foods.

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