Explore The Most Iconic Landmarks in The Bahamas

Explore The Most Iconic Landmarks in The Bahamas

Are you planning a vacation to the beautiful islands of The Bahamas? The Bahamas is one of the top-rated and most beautiful travel destinations in the world. Take a trip to this exotic chain of islands and experience beauty within just seconds of your arrival. Are you particularly interested in landmarks, monuments, and cultural and heritage sites? Aliv Creates offers the best digital solution in planning your trip before your arrival and navigating your journey when you arrive.

What Is Aliv Creates?

Aliv Creates is a technology-driven hub in The Bahamas that provides digital solutions through applications; our solution for travelers, is Discover Maps. Discover Maps helps visitors explore the islands of The Bahamas in augmented reality(AR), whilst providing options for tour bookings and savings. You can download the Aliv Discover Maps app before your trip and get access to restaurants, dining, shopping tours, monuments, offers, discounts, and so much more! Take a look below at some of the most iconic landmarks in The Bahamas,

Cloisters Nassau

This landmark was built pre 14th century in France by monks, then was dismantled and imported from France to The Bahamas in the late 1960’s early 1970’s.  Today the Cloisters can be found in the heart of Paradise Island.

Pig Beach, Great Exuma

One of the famous tourist attractions of the Bahamas is Pig Beach. As the name suggests, Pig Beach has many families of pigs swimming here. The popularity of pigs has drastically increased, and tourists visit to enjoy swimming with pigs and other animals. Aliv will give the best guide to visit Bahama’s beautiful exotic places.

Dunmore Town, Harbor Island, Eleuthera

Harbor Island is one of the prettiest towns to visit. Tourists visit and notice the scenery of this quaint town with pink sandy beaches.  Here, you can enjoy the afternoon and evening shopping with charming boutiques, lovely streets which will provide you with a relaxing atmosphere.

Fort Montagu, New Providence Island

It is a popular tourist attraction in The Bahamas as its is the oldest fort in New Providence. This fort was built in the 18th by the British military,  to protect the island from Spanish invasion. The iconic landmark in The Bahamas is one to visit.

Paradise Island Lighthouse

The oldest surviving lighthouse was built in 1817 and became an integral part of the port’s infrastructure—a  spectacular sight with incredible history. Be part of this oldest lighthouse

Columbus Point, Long Island

One of the longest islands in The Bahamas is Long Island, therein lies Columbus Point, offering spectacular and expansive views to tourists. The crystal clear white sand and water on the beaches will capture your heart and mind.

Bottom Line

There is no need to navigate hundreds of pages online to plan your trip. Download Discover Maps, before you travel to The Bahamas and enjoy all its beauty. Explore destinations in augmented reality and feel free to interact with the 3D models.

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