Here’s Why Furnished Apartments Are Better Than Hotels When You Travel

It is typical to opt for booking hotel rooms when you’re traveling because the thought of renting an entire apartment seems too extravagant, but things have started to change recently. More and more travelers are choosing to go for short term rentals Mesa AZ has listed than hotel rooms. Why?

Here are just some of the best reasons why furnished apartments are worth trying and staying at the next time you’re planning to travel:

Reason #1: Bigger Spaces

Who doesn’t want to lounge about in a large apartment during a vacation or an out of town work conference? Furnished apartments offer renters the luxury of enjoying a bigger floor space instead of staying inside a cramped hotel room. Short term rentals Mesa AZ allow visitors to fully experience what it’s like living in the area.

Reason #2: More Affordable!

The hotel room tab can quickly rise with each passing day and before you know it you’re wondering if the company will pay for the extra charges or not. This isn’t an issue with renting furnished apartments because the prices are set when you check-in. Since there is no room service to tempt you, you don’t have to worry about additional expenses.

As long as you leave the apartment in the exact perfect condition as you arrived, you won’t have to pay extra for your stay.

Reason #3: Extra Room

Trying to squeeze in 2 extra people inside one hotel room only results in chaos. Not only will everyone have less room for sleeping and their belongings, but you also need to pay extra for the additional beds. Renting an apartment means there is more than enough room for everyone.

Whether you are vacationing as a family with kids or on a work trip with colleagues, there’s always more than enough extra room if you choose an apartment over a hotel room.

Reason #4: Kitchen And Dining Room

Relying on hotel food and take out during an extended stay means spending more than your initial budget. Plus, hotel food is usually overpriced and take out is unhealthy. For travelers who are on a tight budget and want to stick to their diet, apartments have fully equipped kitchens where you can prepare your own affordable and healthy meals.

The dining room also allows everyone to sit and eat a proper meal instead of eating on their beds.

Reason #5: Home Away From Home

Frequent travelers often tend to miss the comforts of home while staying from the hotel to the next. Short term rental fully furnished apartments are cozy and can easily make guests feel comfortable and at home. There’s no need to live your life in a suitcase when you can have a home away from home in a fully furnished apartment in Arizona.

It takes some time to get used to renting apartments instead of staying at hotels when traveling, but it is worth it. Give this option a try yourself and you’ll never want to sleep in a small hotel room on all your future travels again!

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure and you’re looking for short term rentals Mesa AZ, check out our Arizona Furnished Apartments. Contact us for more information.

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