How to sail in beautiful Spain

Spain is a very beautiful country with a diverse culture. It is the most desirable sailing destinations in the world for sailors and travelers. Spain is a country of southwestern Europe with some scattered islands, by the border of The Atlantic and The Mediterranean Sea. Spain is a relatively small country which is surrounded by Oceans, and that’s what makes it the most suitable place for sailing and cruising. You will find this country very interesting because of its different cultures, suitable climates, and wonderful landscapes. Sailing in Spain will give you a wonderful life experience. Spain will allow you to have the adventurous experience of a rough ocean sailing. It is the ideal place for a hot summer and mild winter condition. Spain is the perfect place for you to enjoy hot or mild chilly weather together.

Canary Islands

If you want to run away from the cold European winter weather without actually leaving Europe the Canary Islands are the perfect place. It has almost the perfect weather because nights aren’t so cold on those islands and days don’t exceed thirty-degree centigrade.

The Mediterranean Sea coasts offer you so many different Spanish cultures by sailing from place to place. Besides sailing and beautiful landscapes you will find some fine foods in southern Europe too. To be honest, you can learn a lot about the culture. But for that, you have to spend at least 3 days in the sea. And if you are worried about the cost, go for the cabin charter service as it makes the sailing trip much more affordable.

Balearic Islands

The Mediterranean lifestyle is so full of life and it is so relaxed way of life that attracts everyone who comes to visit the place from anywhere in the world. The Balearic Islands are a perfect example of that. There are some islands which are full of caves and stunning beaches, such as Menorca and Formentera islands. Some are the world-famous party places is in these islands, especially Ibiza. Ibiza is the place where people come from all over the world for an incredible and hippy nightlife.

During the offseason, sailing in Spain is a different experience. You don’t have to think about the rush, and most importantly you will get a decent discount while chartering the yacht. But don’t think that you will have a less enjoyable moment. If you get the view of the Balearic Island from the yacht, you will be surprised. Many people prefer to sail with their family members since it offers them once in a lifetime experience.

Tips for bareboat experience

If you are looking to sail in Spain without any professional help, you have to prepare yourself. Unless you have some basic knowledge of sailing, the bareboat experience is going to be a bit tough. You need to know how to read the map and deal with the adverse weather. Though it might sound a little bit complex, you can learn all these things in less than a month.

Take help from the professionals

Enjoying the scenic beauty of the ocean in Spain takes time. If you are on a short holiday, it is better to seek help from professional companies like Intersail Club. They will create the itinerary so that you can enjoy the most within your limited time. But it’s not like you will be following strict sets of rules. The sailing crew members are very friendly, and they will keep your request without giving any second thought. But of course, if the request has safety concerns, you will be guided accordingly by the experienced crew members.

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