Productive Things You Can Do Online While You’re Stuck in Quarantine

Across the United States and all around the world, people are finding themselves stuck inside on lockdown due to COVID-19, the global pandemic that has shaken our norm. Unable to meet with friends in-person, attend events, go outside, or maybe even work, what does one do with their newfound time during quarantine? With an ever-increasing connection to technology, there is no shortage of ways to be productive and stay engaged online.

Learn Something New

Staying inside during quarantine doesn’t mean you have to stop learning. There are many educational programs that offer online classes for you to further your higher education or simply take a class for fun. Whether you’re trying to learn a new language or are interesting in pursuing an online rehabilitation psychology degree, there is something for everyone in online learning.

If you’re looking to further your higher education, there are an abundance of educational programs that allow you to earn credit hours through online distance learning that can count towards your bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, or even a doctoral degree. Whether it be in social work, in rehabilitation counseling, or another related field, there is a wide range of online courses with varying durations and time commitments. Online-learning platforms allow you to search for and review a course that fits your education requirements. The flexibility in course offerings allows you to continue your degree from your own home while scheduling your own hours around a timeframe that works for you.

Beyond taking classes to complete a degree program, you can opt for courses that further develop a skill or hobby. Coding classes, language immersions, and even film, music, and photography courses are becoming increasingly available—oftentimes even at no cost—helping people stay engaged and learning across many different industries.

Reconnect With Old Friends

From offering news updates from around the world, to recommending new reading lists and recipe ideas, to keeping in touch with friends, social media is one of the best ways to stay connected during the quarantine.

With the quarantine can come a crisis of loneliness and the notion of being disconnected. Reaching out to social networks and connecting online has been the new norm for socializing these days. Staying connected to networks can improve not just one’s mental health, but also their physical health.

Beyond just staying in touch with current friends, why not use this time to reconnect with old friends? Through GoLookUp, you can conduct a free search for people and look for old high school friends online. Since everyone is social distancing, what better time is there to reconnect? With just their last name, you can search for your old acquaintances and request their email addresses and contact information. Catch up with your new connections over a Skype or Zoom hangout, maybe planning a digital happy hour or online game night.

Improve Your Physical and Mental Wellness

Exercise can be an antidote to stress and anxiety, a common symptom of being in quarantine. Even though in-person classes are not possible at the present time, many fitness, yoga, and meditation classes have gone online. Although you may not be able to attend a group fitness class, why not use this time to workout via a digital class?

Whether you take an online class from your favorite local instructor or studio or try out a workout or yoga application, keeping active will take away some of the cabin fever and keep your body strong and healthy. If you are having difficulty getting motivated on your own, try an online workout with a friend from the comforts of each of your homes to help get a routine going!

Perhaps even more importantly, physical activity can improve mental well-being. Tapping into online guided meditations can also contribute to mental wellness, helping you release anxiety and negative thoughts, and become grounded during a time of uncertainty.

Try to shift your perspective and look at quarantine as an opportunity for personal growth. From distance learning to digital social events, to online workouts, invest in yourself. Through these efforts, you can alleviate some of the stress and boredom of quarantine, while tackling a new skill or project you’ve always wanted to!

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