Precautions One Must Take Before Travelling Abroad

When you fly to an international place, it becomes necessary to consider your health and incident-free safety. However, many travelers experience unexpected difficulties or become victims of violence and crime in foreign countries.

Here are some tips you should keep in mind before you shove off.


  • Consult your doctor, if you have any health issues.
  • Carry essential medicines in your carry-on bag.
  • If you wear glasses, keeping an extra pair is always a smart decision.
  • Contact your insurance company and make sure if your health policy is coverable in an international country. If not, get extra oversea health coverage.


  • Take photocopies of your passport. It will help you in case your passport gets lost or stolen. For extra backup, keep an electronic copy of the passport in your email.
  • Register yourself at the embassy, this will ensure that if you get into any trouble abroad your government can easily track you and provide safety.


  • Get knowledge about the traveling country’s currency and its conversion value. Create your budget as per that conversion rate.
  • Make sure that your credit card works in the country you are planning to go.
  • It is advised to always keep some local cash. Many places such as trains or buses, do not take credit cards.


  • Different countries have different voltage supply and plugs size. So, always bring a universal charger to charge your electronic gadgets.
  • Activate your mobile phone’s global capacity. It will cost you some money, but that is always less than roaming charges.
  • Downloads various app to find various deals on food and transportation to the country you are visiting.

Luggage and Packing

  • Travel light, it will help you to move more quickly.
  • Bring few snacks and ready to cook food with you. Food in new country might not be as per your taste.
  • Avoid taking expensive jewelry with you. This can lure unnecessary attention from thieves.

Keep the above points in mind and have travel safely in other country.

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