Put Croatia on the Places to go during the summer

Croatia, officially named the Republic of Croatia, is a country located in southeast Europe. It is bordered on the northeast by Hungary, Slovenia to the northwest, to the east by Serbia, and to the southeast Bosnia, Montenegro, and Herzegovina.

Reasons for summer vacation

There are probably many important reasons to choose Croatia for a vacation spot next summer and these include:

  • Croatia’s food
  • Beautiful landscapes
  • Historical sites
  • The Game of Thrones was filmed in this beautiful area

Stunning beauty

Its stunning natural beauty and long coast are a dream for those who are photographers. This natural beauty includes:

  • 1000 islands
  • 6000 km-long coasts with crystal clear sea
  • 8 National parks
  • 11 Nature parks

This is what drove 18.3 million foreign tourists to visit Croatia in 2019.

Planning a trip

If you are planning a trip – you can do this with a professional trip planner or you can try to do it yourself. There are many villas in Croatia that you can lease or rent for any amount of time from a week to 3 months. Many, who have fallen in love with Croatia, will lease or rent a villa.

Where to stay

The best places to stay in Croatia are usually found by booking a tour. For example, a 7-night vacation tour makes the reservations for the places to stay – somewhere in historic Dubrovnik. Then you rent a car to drive to destinations of interest to you. Dubrovnik is close for you to drive to Trogir, Split, Zadar, and Plitvice Lakes National Park. With these tours, there is not the hassle of finding where to stay, but you also get to explore on your own. If you love historical sites you might think of planning your trip in this way.


You should also take a tour of all the important restaurants in the area. Croatian cuisine is diverse and each region of Croatia has its own culinary and distinct tradition. Some of these dishes are dated back to ancient times. So, if you are a food lover – another reason to go to Croatian during the summer.

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