Recommended Tourist Places in Puncak Bogor

Recommended Tourist Places in Puncak Bogor

Who doesn’t want to spend their vacation in Puncak (in English: “Peak”), Bogor Indonesia? Of course, the place is guaranteed for its beauty which can be compared to other places such as Malang, Bandung, Bali, Palembang, and Aceh Indonesia.
Puncak area is a recreational destination with many facilities and infrastructure such as hotels, villas, homestays, cafes, etc. If you are curious, you can look at some of the recommendations below.

1. The Little Venice

The first place is The Little Venice Bogor, which carries the concept of the city of Venice in Italy. This place has an artificial lake with a Gondola as its flagship. That way, you can enjoy the beauty of Little Venice by boat, making it a suitable place for children and adults. Many foreign-style houses are built to offer the atmosphere of Venice City just by visiting Puncak Bogor.

2. Nature of Mount Pancar

Looking for stunning natural scenery? You can visit the natural attractions of Mount Pancar. An exotic tourist spot with a view of a very high pine forest but still neat with the leaves lined up so that the place is very shady, comfortable, and cold. Usually, tourists who come to Mount Pancar use it as a place to take photos such as pre-wedding, commercial photos, and others. The rows of pine trees are indeed very good if used as a photo background with a nature theme. This tour is located 800 meters above sea level, so it feels very comfortable and chilly.

3. Safari Park

Tourists widely know that the Indonesian Safari Park tour is a tourist attraction that should not be missed. Anyone can bring their family and friends to see the animals. It is also often used as a place for education, especially to introduce animals. Additionally, some rides and play areas are also provided so you won’t be bored at Safari Park.

4. Nusantara Flower Garden (Taman Bunga Nusantara)

As the name suggests, what is expected is beautiful flowers that can be seen or used as photo spots. This park is an exciting destination because there are many rare flowers from various countries like France, Japan, the Mediterranean countries, and many more. It will certainly be very beautiful if you take pictures here and can be an interesting photo to share on social media. In addition, there is a special attraction like the giant maze garden which many tourists are curious to check out.

Some of the beautiful places recommended above can be visited while in Puncak Bogor. These places are very suitable for spending vacation time with family.

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