Sailing: one of the best ways to spend holidays

Different people like to spend their holidays in different ways. Some stay home to catch up with family and friends. Others like to travel and explore new cities, take long hikes in the mountains or in the forest, or spend time on the beach. As for us, we love the sea and especially sailing. Sailing trips may have their cons, such as possible seasickness, or having to stay in a limited space. But also one gets to experience nature in a new way, see the coastline from the sea, and every new day opens up in its own way.

An important part of any boat trip is the boat itself. There are numerous boat rental companies out there, and our latest trip was organized by In Clouds Sailing, a yacht rental company that arranges trips in different parts of the world, mainly in Croatia, Greece, Italy, France, Spain, and Turkey.

Careful and detailed trip planning

The detailed travel plan was prepared and presented to us well in advance. We were glad to discover the team’s urge and dedication towards helping us find the most suitable sailboat charter and travel route that matched our goals and budget. In Clouds assigned a skipper to our boat to ensure the safety during the trip. Having a skipper on board is required when no one in the group has an active sailing license or sailing experience.

Even if there is a licensed group member on board, you can either go bareboat or still take a skipper with you. Boat and crew availability, as well as final pricing for the rental, is usually sent to clients upon request.

The security deposit is included in the final price. The deposit is returned to the client at the end of the trip after making sure that no damage was done to the boat.

Excellent accommodation

There are different boat types available for charter – sailing yachts, motor yachts, catamarans, gulets. Some of the boats have just the necessary basics, while fancier boats have beautiful accommodations that are worth every penny spent. Spacious cabins where you can sleep, nicely-equipped kitchen, shower, cockpit, well-furnished salon where you can relax or party hard.

Go for swimming, fishing, stay in harbor overnight. In Clouds, Sailing staff will assist you in every way to make sure that your holiday is enjoyable.

Weather guidance

Different sailing areas have their own high and low seasons. Peak season in Europe in the summer, while winter is good for the Caribbean. In Clouds team helped us understand the suitable weather conditions in the areas we were going to sail. Prices are usually higher during the peak season, so the trip cost can really depend on the time of the year you prefer to sail.

Fully insured yachts and crew

The crew onboard and the boat itself were fully insured. As we learned, In Cloud Sailing’s charter boats are insured under the marine insurance policies against any kind of damage or loss. We researched every small detail before the journey and we were glad to find out about the company’s insurance policies.

Overall, In Clouds Sailing is a trusted group of sailing professionals who strive to create a quality experience for their clients, and they can be deservingly called “dream makers” for creating unforgettable sailing trips.

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