Some alternatives of hotels to stay in Bogotá

If you are a traveler or planning a trip to Bogota with your family, then you must be thinking that you have to stay in hotels. If you find hotels not so pleasing because of the public and lack of privacy, you can consider several other accommodation alternatives. There are several Bogota hotel alternative that you can look into. Mentioned below are some of the alternatives that you may look for to stay in:

Rental apartments

There are many kinds of short-term, long-term and medium term rental apartments available at a very affordable rate in Bogota. If you are an alone traveler, then you may opt for these rental apartments. These rental apartments provide each kind of facility and are best for your stay.

Villas and bungalows

If you have planned a vacation with your family in Bogota, then the villas and bungalows are an excellent option. They would provide you a luxurious experience as there would be no disturbance as well as it will be completely yours for the number of days you are going to stay and pay for it. There is also the facility of self-cooking so if you want, you can prepare the meal on your own or you can also go for the food services provided by them.


Hostels have become a popular alternative to hotels as they are much more convenient and budget friendly. They also have a friendlier environment as compared to the hotels because often the owners are themselves taking care of the needs of the travelers. Staying in hostel could be a good option if you are single as well as money saver type of traveler. You could also make new friends or find locals in the hostels much easier than the hotels. It is true that the hostels are not as luxurious as the hotels but they are very comfortable.

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