The Best Bulletproof Car Company In US, Canada

INKAS Armored Vehicle Manufacturing is a leading Canadian-based bulletproof car company and it is a production of a wide range of armored vehicles such as executive SUVs, luxury sedans, special purpose vehicles, personnel carriers, cash-in-transit vehicles, and others. To address the threats their customers face all over the world, a bulletproof car company in the US, Canada implements the best practices in technological innovation, design and quality management. These armored vehicles ensure your security and protection.

Specialties Of Bulletproof Car Company

Armored Vehicles has many specialties and there are the following:

  • Security and Protection

If you are shopping for armored cars, you are not alone. In today’s highly volatile world, personal safety has become the main concern for many individuals. They are particularly vulnerable when traveling and why bulletproof cars and armored trucks play a crucial role in preserving personal safety.

  • Armored Vehicle Manufacturing offers

This company is offering a large variety of vehicles, including armored SUVs, luxury cars, tactical armored vehicles such as armored cash-in-transit vehicles, armored buses, and armored trucks.

  • Cutting-Edge Protection Technologies

The bulletproof car company in the US, Canada have come a long way in terms of technology. These armored cars and armored trucks are reinforced with various composite materials and metal plating systems so as to make them especially resistant to attacks of various types. These vehicles have been created with all types of defensive scenarios in mind.

Features of Bulletproof Car Company

Ther are some of the features of Bulletproof Car Company the following:

  • Ballistic Armor

The bulletproof car is the thick metal plating system and it is installed onto the sub-frame of the car. This armoring feature is depending on the thickness of the metal plates. The doors are sturdier and the brakes are very powerful.

  • Armored Tires

Bulletproof Car tires are consist of an inner donut frame, comprised of both alloy and composite materials and it sits directly on the rim and within the tire. The inner donut allows the vehicle to travel as much as 60 miles at speeds up to 60 mph.

  • Bullet-resistant Glass

The bulletproof car company in the US, Canada feature is also known as transparent armor or ballistic glass or bulletproof glass.

  • Grill Bumpers/Guards

The bulletproof car company in the US, Canada can install grill and bumper guards and it will both create additional reinforcement to the armored vehicle’s edges as well as protect the grill. It is including the radiator and engine assembly.

  • Shipping and Logistics

The global delivery of bulletproof car companies in the US, Canada all major seaports at competitive rates. Safety is this top priority, and all vehicles are secured in 20’ or 40’ containers within INKAS facilities prior to dispatch.

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