Traveling To Europe Has Never Been Easier!

Are you planning to travel to Europe? Well, you might be able to enjoy the fresh breeze of Schengen Area of Europe VISA-FREE by 2021. ETIAS is the European Travel Information System that will help the travelers to explore through the Schengen Zone for a short period of 90 days freely. Schengen Zone includes 26 countries in the area that will help the tourist to apply for a 90 days traditional visa.

These 26 counties also include some associate members like Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway, and Switzerland. SO whether you wish to plan a bachelor trip or a romantic trip with your partner, ETIAS will serve you a hassle-free manner to explore the beauty of Europe.

Important Information to know about ETIAS:

  • This system will be effective from 1st January 2021.
  • One can visit the Schengen Area up to 90 days within a period of 180 days.
  • ETIAS visa system will help you save money and time compared to the usual Visa process for Europe.
  • The approval time for ETIAS application takes hardly 4 days, and 14 days maximum after you visit the nearest embassy.
  • It’s a 100{4228816be20e907d4fec9bbb913489191b0e8f64bfd843c3533291631c3b1be2} online application process which means no need to visit the embassy back and forth.
  • ETIAS does not require the traveler to visit the embassy for visa approval.

So whether you wish to explore the Schengen Area or have a business conference to attend; from 2021, the procedure will be hassle-free and one can join their trip in harmony. However, the process is still under consideration and will come into action by 2021. So what, at least you can start planning ahead!

All you will need is a valid passport and completed application of ETIAS visa. This will help the European countries to attract more visitors in the area that will help in building more visibility in their tourism industry.

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