Visit the Various Parts of Edinburgh in this Harry Potter Tour Edinburgh

If you have never traveled to Edinburgh before, then this is your great chance to look at the various tourist sports there. Have fun and if you are a Harry Potter fan then this would be a great treat waiting just for you.

Destination 1:

The first stop of the Harry Potter Tour Edinburgh would be the Balmoral Hotel. Visit the inside of it and have a great time looking at the suite where J.K.Rowling herself had scribbled “J.K.Rowling finished writing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows in this room (522) on 11th Jan 2007.” Visit the J.K.Rowling suite and have fun watching the history of Harry Potter through your own eyes.

Destination 2:

Top of Waverly Mall: This is the place which gave J.K.Rowling the inspiration for writing Harry Potter in the first place. It is believed that the inspiration came from the Edinburgh castle and that J.K.Rowling thought about creating a magical world based on the true geographic locations of Edinburgh.

Destination 3:

The next stop would be the city chambers where you would get to see the handprints of the creator of the magical world of Harry Potter J.K.Rowling herself. She got the ‘Edinburgh Award’ in 2008 and her handprints have been a part of the culture of Edinburgh forever.

Destination 4:

At the Mercat Cross, you would learn about the mysteries that have been incorporated in the books. The creatures that have been incorporated into the book are all part of the Scottish mythology and you would learn a great deal about it.

Destination 5:

The Magic Portions Tavern is a place where you could go to get a taste of magic itself. There you could get a taste of butterbeer and also magic up your own choice of cocktail.

Destination 6:

Cockburn Street is the place from where J.K. Rowling got her inspiration for creating the magical marketplace Diagon Alley. The shops there and that in Victoria Street was a great inspiration for J.K.Rowling in creating the magical world and giving it a physical appearance.

Destination 7:

The World of Wizardry Shop would be the next destination in your Harry Potter Tour Edinburgh. It is the place where you would be able to buy merchandise based on the Harry Potter world. Buy whatever you want from a wand to robes, you would find everything you want there.

There are so many other stops that would be made on the way like Edinburgh University Courtyard, Spoon Café, Potterow, and others. Thus it is a great trip for both Harry Potter loving and non-loving muggles.

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