What To Consider When Choosing A Hotel Llandudno

Whether you are thinking of taking the family away for a well-needed break, flying solo or are away for a business, finding the right Llandudno hotel is important to make your stay as enjoyable as possible. You want to make sure you choose somewhere that not only has all the amenities that you could wish for but somewhere that allows you to have a comfortable night’s sleep.

That doesn’t mean to say you have to necessarily splash the cash to get a great hotel. You can still bag a bargain whilst ensuring your stay is comfortable and welcoming.

Take a look at our list of factors you should consider when finding your next hotels Llandudno stay.


Location is key, and also depends on what sort of stay you want to have. Whilst some opt for a quieter setting in a rural retreat, which is in the heart of the countryside with amazing views, walking routes, and even farms for the kids. Others prefer being near the hustle and bustle of the city centre where all the main attractions are so you can take a short taxi ride from your hotel to the next attraction with ease.

Whatever the escape, location is the first on the list to consider when choosing your next hotel.

Price and Rating

Prices of hotels are usually linked to how many stars the hotel is and is a good indication of the quality of the hotel. The higher the star rating is, the higher the price usually is, however, you can still get yourself a bargain if you look our for their special offers and discounted packages available and try to reduce your costs by choosing breakfast included rooms.

Although the price is a good indicator of quality, this isn’t always the case. Prices may spike in areas that are highly popular and can spike the last minute if the area is in high demand. So if you’re looking to tighten your belt, you may be better off looking for a hotel just outside of your chosen area so that you can get great value for your money.

Online Booking

As time has moved on so have the popularity of the internet and it is now possible to book your hotel online. Although, quick and easy, do make sure that you are on a reputable booking site or even the hotel’s main site.

It’s good to note that sometimes, booking directly can be cheaper and you certainly won’t have to pay a booking site fee.


Hotels generally offer different types of rooms that accommodate families, have a sea view and some are even dog-friendly.

To narrow down your search when looking for your next place to stay use our handy guide so you can weigh up your options when choosing your next hotel.

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