Why Choose A Guided Or Self Guidbike Tour

Bicycle tours are a great way to really experience a place. While they do require a sense of adventure, bike tours build self-confidence and allow you to get acclimated to a new city in a way that walking or being in a car just can’t match. They also allow you to connect with the local culture, the landscape, and neighborhoods while giving you unique access that would otherwise not be possible with other forms of transport.

Benefits of a Guided Bike Tour

While you could choose a self-guided bike tour, a guided tour is often the most reliable option. The added knowledge of a great guide can add so much more to the experience, allowing you to learn about the history, food, people, and in and outs of a place. A great guide will also give you tons of ideas on things to do throughout your stay. Another benefit is that you’ll never have to carry any anxiety of getting lost and because you’re going on an established route, guided bike tours are generally the safest possible option. Plus, there is the option of connecting with other like-minded travelers during and after the tour.

Benefits of a Self-Guided Bike Tour

Of course, if you’re a very comfortable cyclist and do want to go for greater distances and/or with more freedom, a self-guided option could be just the thing. You won’t have the constraints of a group and can design your own itinerary based on your interest. Stop wherever you wish and take as much or as little time as your interest allows. This also allows the greatest freedom with food and drinks— have a beer or two along the way, it’s up to you!


You really can’t go wrong with a bike tour, it’ll likely be a true highlight of your holiday and provide you with lasting memories. Plus, it a great way to stay active while you travel. The best bike tour companies offer tons of great options, including self-guided tours with detailed maps and recommendations too. You could, of course, do one of each and get the best of both worlds. For a great model for a company which offers awesome guided and self-guided bike tours, check out:


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