Different Ways of Getting Inflight Wi-Fi

It is very annoying when you are on a flight and do not have access to the internet, especially when you have to do something important. Even though some flights do offer inflight wifi but most of these are paid and are usually available on certain international flights. For domestic flights, these services are not usually available.

Choose a Credit Card that Offers Free Wi-Fi

Some banks offer their customers with credit cards that have deals on free wi-fi in any flight. However, these passes are available for a calendar year and hence it cannot be carry forwarded to the next year. Since you are paying for your credit card, ensure that your bank is giving you offers along with the credit card that is beneficial for your travel. These travel cards are quite useful as they offer gogo inflight wifi that is cheaper than buying 24-hours Wi-Fi service in the flight.

Book a Flight that Offers Internet

If you have an option, then choose a flight that has inflight internet to offer. Even though these services are paid, which can be expensive, some flights offer these services for free. You can also avail of your rewards of a portal that is partnering with the flight to get free wi-fi. Some well-known international flights also offer wi-fi services for premium or business class passengers for free. This is a good idea if you are wondering how to get free inflight WiFi.

Check with your Mobile Service Provider or Deals

Many mobile service providers collaborate with airlines so that the passengers can make use of the wi-fi for a limited period. You can buy the package from your mobile service provider to ensure that your wi-fi is working inside the plane too. Also, you need to pay only for what you are using which means that you need to pay only for the total number of MBs used in inflight surfing.

You can also look for deals online for wi-fi in the flights. There are many apps available through which you can download an app for connecting your wi-fi during your flight. Through these apps you have access to the Gogo passes for free internet in the flight. If you are traveling with your family, then you cannot buy a wi-fi service for all. Using gogo inflight wifi will help you in sharing the inflight Wi-Fi with your family members without paying anything extra.

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