Areas of Lanai That Are Best for Snorkeling

Snorkeling is a popular vacation activity in Hawaii. If you are in Hawaii and you want to try your hand at snorkeling. Lanai is a great are for beginners because it offers privacy, seclusion and the best marine life on the island.

With over 3000 residents and 140 square miles, Lanai also offers peace, quiet and an adventure of a lifetime. To reach Lanai, you must fly to Maui or Oahu and then catch a ferry or a flight to Lanai. You can enjoy hiking, incredible viewpoints, swimming, diving and of course snorkeling. Polihua Beach, Hulopoe Bay, Shark Fin, Fish Rock, and Sergeant Major are just a few of the areas where you can snorkel Lanai.

Polihua Beach

Polihua Beach is two miles long, and it has beautiful white sand. The secluded beach is located in the northwest part of the island. There are strong currents in the winter, so swimming is not recommended. However, even if you are a beginner, Polihua offers an excellent place for snorkeling. You will enjoy this marine sanctuary which has many rare species. It also has green turtles and if you are lucky you can see humpback whales on the shorelines.

Hulopoe Bay

Hulopoe Bay is located on Lanai’s southern coast, and it boasts two miles of white sand and calm blue waters. Hulopoe has some of the best snorkeling on Lanai island. The bay has large shallow tide pools, which are created by the constant covering and exposing of volcanic rocks by the fluctuating tide, on the eastern shore.

Sea stars, limpets, small fish and a number of small organisms reside in the tide pools, thus creating the colourful environment. The tide pools are protected, and they keep the water calm, making it easy to explore. Sea turtles and dolphins can be seen in the area as well.

In 1997, Hulopoe was named one of America’s best beaches by Dr. Stephen Leatherman, who is referred to as Dr. Beach. It is a protected marine preserve, and it is rich with marine life. Hulopoe Bay is the best area on the island for beginner snorkelers.

The calm waters contain a variety of colorful fish close to shore. As a protected site, visitors are required to leave every stone and shell as they found it. This prerequisite help maintain the bay’s natural environment for Hawaii’s marine life.

Summer is the best season for swimming and snorkeling on Hulopoe Bay. During the winter months, the current is stronger, and swimming is not recommended. Hulopoe Bay also has a great park with barbecue grills, picnic tables, restrooms, and showers.

Shark Fin

Shark Fin is also a great spot for snorkeling and diving. The area gets its name from its rock formation, which protrudes from the surface. The rock formation is shaped like a shark fin. The area is so popular with tourists that the lemon butterflyfish have become accustomed to snorkelers so much so that they surface when snorkelers are near. Octopus, Moray Eels, colorful coral and sponges are just a few of the wildlife that can be seen at Shark Fin.

Fish Rock

Fish Rock is located on the south side of Lanai, which is an excellent spot for snorkelers and scuba divers alike. Every tropical fish imaginable can be seen here which makes this spot worth the trip. Some marine life includes frogfish, Pyramid Butterfly Fish, and Moorish Idols.

Sergeant Major

Sergeant Major is located on the southwest side of the island, which makes it a perfect spot for snorkeling. This spot has almost every type of marine life imaginable. The green sea turtles, Sergeant Major damselfish, coral, lava Tubes and Moorish Idols are some of the marine life that can be found at Sergeant Major. The spot is named Sergeant Major because of the number of Sergeant Major Damselfish.

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