10 of the Best Activities in Botswana

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10 of the Best Activities in Botswana

This captivating country boasts an array of incredible wildlife and stunning landscapes, perfect for a memorable trip. You can take part in game drives that offer authentic African experiences while learning about their customs and legends.

With such amazing views and unparalleled access to exotic wildlife, Botswana Safaris are sure to be an unforgettable experience for everyone! Whether you’re interested in seeing elephants up close or learning about the history and culture of the San people, Botswana has something for everyone.

1. Okavango Delta

Take a traditional canoe ride through the Delta and get up close with crocs, hippos and elephants all in their natural habitats. Enjoy some of the most beautiful scenery that Botswana has to offer as you cruise through the lush wetlands – making it an ideal destination for a Botswana Safari!

2. Chobe National Park

One of the most popular national parks in Botswana, Chobe National Park is home to a huge variety of wildlife – including elephants, lions, and buffalo. Here visitors can enjoy game drives, boat trips on the Chobe River, and guided nature walks. The park also offers many unique accommodation options for those

3. Makgadikgadi Pans

The Makgadikgadi Pans are a series of salt pans that cover an area of over 12,000 square kilometers. Visitors can take a guided tour of the pans and see the unique wildlife that inhabits this area.

4. Tsodilo Hills

The Tsodilo Hills are a UNESCO World Heritage Site and are home to over 4,500 rock paintings. Visitors can take a guided tour of the hills and learn about the history and culture of the San people who created these paintings.

5. Moremi Game Reserve

Located in the Okavango Delta, the Moremi Game Reserve continues to spoil its visitors with breathtaking scenery, fun and informative game drive as well as a diverse wildlife including lions, leopards, and cheetahs.

6. Nxai Pan National Park

Nxai Pan National Park is home to a large salt pan that attracts a variety of wildlife including zebras, giraffes, and lions. Visitors can take a game drive through the park and see these animals up close.

7. Kalahari Game Reserve

Known as one of the biggest game reserves in Africa, it’s a must-visit for the whole family. Home to a large range of fauna and flora, The Kalahari Game Reserve is home to hyenas, cheetahs, lions, to name a few.

8. Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park

Not only is it located in the middle of South Africa and Botswana, but it also offers stunning landscapes and many wildlife viewing opportunities.

The main attraction for many visitors is undoubtedly the opportunity for game viewing at one of South Africa’s best reserves for predators – specifically big cats like lions and leopards. There are supervised drives that take you around the park for up close sightings of these magnificent beasts in their natural habitats as well as experienced guides who can help you navigate your way through the bush.

 9. Tuli Block

Nestled in the east of Botswana, The Tuli Block is home to a wide variety of wildlife including elephants, lions, and leopards. Visitors can take a game drive through the block and see these animals up close. There are also several lodges located in the area for those who wish to stay a few extra days and experience more of the wildlife Botswana has to offer.

10. Khama Rhino Sanctuary

The Khama Rhino Sanctuary is located near Serowe and is home to both black and white rhinos. Learn more about these beautiful end a Distance from Gaborone: 300 km endangered animals with a guided tour of the sanctuary.

Botswana is a country full of wonders and activities that can give anyone a truly memorable trip. From breathtaking safaris to culturally enriching experiences, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Take in the stunning views of the Okavango Delta with a traditional canoe ride, marvel at the unique wildlife found in Chobe National Park, and explore the mysterious rock paintings at Tsodilo Hills. Visit the Moremi Game Reserve or Nxai Pan National Park for up close sightings of lions and cheetahs, or head to Kalahari Game Reserve to visit one of Africa’s best predator reserves. The Tuli Block offers incredible elephants, lions and leopards viewing opportunities, while Khama Rhino Sanctuary is home to both black and white rhinos. No matter what your preference might be, Botswana has something special in store for you! So go ahead and plan that dream African safari now – Botswana awaits!

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