Enjoy the Festivities of the Pesach Programs

Israel’s best holiday destinations come alive during Passover – one of the most important Jewish holidays in the world. The ancient festival celebrates the story of the escape of Abraham and Isaac, as told in the Book of Genesis.

A trip to Jerusalem is essential for many people who don’t want to miss the traditional processions that occur at the Temple Mount on the eve of Yom Kippur. Many families choose to go to the Western Wall during Passover and it will be a great place to see the last of the holy stones. The Dome of the Rock is a must-see, and the ancient site of King David’s Tomb is visited by thousands of tourists every year.

The Temple Mount is a must-see, but many people visit the Western Wall just to stand in awe and appreciate the beautiful black color of the Kippah, or Jewish men’s skullcap. A visit to the Western Wall is another great experience for those who don’t feel like going into the Temple itself. For those who do choose to visit the Temple Mount, the area is closed to the public during the day.

Lancaster Pesach Program

Most people come to visit the Temple Mount during morning prayers and a trip down to the Western Wall during the evening is even more special for this reason. There is also a wonderful experience to be had during the Festival of Lights when lights are put up all around the Temple Mount at sundown to symbolize the darkness of the Jewish year.

Matzot, the Jewish New Year, happens during the second week of Passover. It is the time for people from all over the world to gather together to celebrate the Jewish new year, and it is a fun-filled celebration for children and adults alike.

As is often the case with all holidays, there is a lot to do before and after Matzot. Families who are looking for some excitement can visit Haifa’s Sea of Galilee Park and get out and about on the day of the holiday to see all the different activities happening. Those who want to stay in the area can stay in Haifa, or its neighboring city of Nazareth, and make use of the holiday programs in these places to plan a visit.

For a great way to celebrate this holiday, many families visit the Western Wall and walk through it. Visitors also have an opportunity to get to visit the Tomb of Aaron, which was destroyed by the Romans during World War II. The Church of the Holy Sepulcher was also destroyed during the war, and many of the walls were rebuilt after the rebuilding process began, so this area is a popular place to visit during Passover.

Pesach Program

Some families come to visit the Church of the Holy Land to see the Western Wall, while others go to Israel and visit other sites where Jews have lived for many years. Others just want to take part in one of the many traditional holidays that are celebrated each year.

Most travel Pesach programs take place within the city of Haifa so that the entire holiday is covered. Families can see the whole city and even go to other parts of the city that are not covered during the main holidays.

One popular Pesach program in Haifa allows visitors to take a boat ride down to the Temple Mount and then head back up to the Western Wall. Others will even allow you to get up close and personal with a replica of the Holy Temple.

Pesach programs are a great way to spend some time with friends and family. And, while the focus of the holiday is generally religious, there is a lot of fun to be had as well.

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