Falling Waters, West Virginia


An unincorporated census-designated place, Falling Waters is a quiet place to spend a vacation along the Potomac River in West Virginia. This is a small village with a small population of less than 900 regular inhabitants all year round, as of the 2010 census. Still, this place is not new but rather an old one dating back to 1815 when the village was established. This small place surprisingly plays a big part in history in that it is where Union cavalry of George Armstrong Custer scored a huge point in the battle when Confederate general J. Johnston Pettigrew was mortally wounded during the Battle of Williamsport in July 1863. This was during the Gettysburg Campaign.

Fast Facts

  • Falling Waters is set within Berkeley County in West Virginia, along the Potomac River.
  • The community occupies a total area of 1.245 sq mi (3.2 km2). Surprisingly, despite its name, the city does not occupy any water body within its boundaries.
  • It is mostly a residential community but recent developments are turning the city into a bedroom community to big cities nearby or in far areas, including Baltimore and Washington, DC.
  • The village has been the site of two battles fought in the American Civil War. The first was in July 1861 known as The Skirmish of Falling Waters while the second was two years later, in July 1863 known as The Battle of Williamsport under the Gettysburg Campaign.

Best Hotel Accommodations

Those who are planning to travel to Falling Waters should really book into a hotel first before going. It can prove a little difficult to find lots of accommodations in the village so better be prepared already. The largest and also the best hotel in the area is the Holiday Inn Exp Martinsburg. This hotel offers a lot of features for travelers to enjoy, including microwaves, refrigerators, high-speed internet access, and cable TVs in the rooms. There are also some bed and breakfast inns in Falling Waters. Book your Falling Waters Hotels with Reservations.com.

Tourist Attractions

Small as it is, there not too many tourist attractions that Falling Waters can offer its visitors. Of course, it still does have its fair share of interesting places to visit. For instance, the Harmony Cemetery is one of the historic sites that travelers could visit in the community. This is where prominent people in the community have been interred. The Edward Colston House is another interesting tourist attraction in the area. This and many other houses in the community are quite interesting in architecture and of the piece of history that they provide of this village. The Maidstone-on-the-Potomac is another interesting historic home and also a fully operating farm.

Things to Do

When traveling to Falling Waters, most tourists would enjoy visiting the many historic homes that the village has to offer. These are not ordinary historic homes as many are listed on the roster of the National Register of Historic Places, making them extra special and definitely worth exploring or visiting. Travelers can also enjoy roaming around the downtown area, not just to enjoy the sights but also to do some shopping or enjoy the dishes and gourmet delights of Falling Waters.

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