Have a Family Summer Vacation in Key West Florida

Now that school is out, and summer has arrived, many families will be planning their summer vacations. One of the best vacation spots in the United States is believed by many to be Florida especially Key West Florida. The internet states that the places to see at Key West Florida are about 91 things to do in this part of Florida.


Some are for families and some of them aren’t, like the Champagne Sunset Sail which is not really for young ones. But 6 hours of water sports is for the whole family including:

  • Cruising over the blue waters at Key West
  • Parasailing adventure for a great view over the reefs
  • Snorkelling by the coral reefs with tropical fish
  • Kayak outing on the open waters that is drenched with sun

And another great Key West things to do is also Parasailing Adventure on Smathers Beach.

Vacation packages

You can buy a vacation package for the entire family and can be found on the internet. There are also rental properties for rent such as cabins by the beach. There is nothing more peaceful than falling asleep to the sounds of waves on the beach. And no matter which beach you are renting property on you can be sure there are plenty of Key West activities nearby.


Key West is 110 miles (177 kilometers) north of Havana, a well-known city. This area of the Florida Keys is home to around 25,000 people, some will surely be more than happy to offer you some travel tips that are invaluable.

Major Attractions

Nothing will compare to seeing the Audubon House as well as the Tropical Gardens for the very first time. So, when planning what to do; don’t forget these icons. And another amazing place to go is “Ripley’s Believe It or Not”. And that is not all as there is; the Shipwreck Museum as well as Harry S. Truman’s Little White House.

So be sure to plan and have a ball at Key West Florida. This is truly a wonderful part of the United States to spend a family vacation in.

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