Forest Getaways: A Vacation that you will remember forever

Well, it is known by all and In fact, every countryman of India is proud of this fact that India has innumerable things to offer. Be its tourist destinations, natural minerals, spices, food or land. India is rich in itself in spite of being a developing country. It has such a vast diversity that it becomes out of imagination sometimes. Talking about a life different from the normal daily routine then there are thousands of travel options where one can just blindly close their eyes and escape from their normal lives and daily routines.

Forgetting a calmer and peaceful environment, surroundings and atmosphere becoming a part of the forest gateways in India can give relief from the daily hastiness to a great level of peacefulness.

Though it would not be such a traditional escape from normal lives, still can be a great option for self-relief and relaxation.

This is something new people can try in their free time rather than going for the conventional planned tour to different places.

Talking about one of the most famous forest gateways of India that is the Kanha National Park Safari, then it is a great choice. For accommodation purposes, there should be no worries as there is a great campsite named Call of the Wild. It has 14 acres of land and offers 12 shikar or tents with all luxurious amenities. There is every arrangement done for food, snacks, meditation, yoga, swimming pool, and more about their art and culture.

If we move on to the Jim Corbett Safari which is another exciting forest safari tour of India. It also has excellent accommodation nearby named Walking Safari Lodge which is just 2kms away or may be reached by crossing or rafting the river. It is the best place that one would find nearby Jim Corbett. It has 6 cottages which are private and provides all facilities like dining, kitchen, verandah, bathrooms, candlelight dinner and wonderful natural view attractions of the birds and other animals.

Putting the light on one more famous forest gateways that is the Satpura Safari located at a duration of just an hour from Nepal, it a forest and its wildlife worth visiting. It has an excellent location and has a fabulous hotel named Unhotel- Serenity by the River. It has an area of 12 acres with 34 cottage options giving a beautiful view of the nearby river named Rapti River. It has well air-conditioned rooms with other facilities like swimming pool, good Nepalese style food, televisions in each room and has a lot of other activities to do.

So we got to know that there are so many options to add adventure in your life and taking a break in between is necessary as it becomes quite helpful in rejuvenating our body, mind, and soul.

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