How to Stay Safe and Have A Memorable RV Road Trip?

A new RV owner can find it hard to drive the lengthy vehicle but they can sharpen their skills with practice and patience. It will help them to comfortably navigate through gas stations, parking spaces, or making right turns. You can take a training course, test drive, and follow safe driving rules.

Maintenance and care

If it is your first RV then make sure to take good care of your vehicle. RV repairs are costly. Find ways to take good care of it. You can choose an appropriate cover for your large vehicle, as you may need to park it outdoors. If you feel confused in choosing then read RV cover reviews online. On cool car accessories website, you will get a lot of information as well as superb covers suitable for your recreational van.

Check your RV regularly, so it is always in top condition. Keep tires properly inflated, check the lights and the turn signals, as well as the brakes, function properly. The awnings need to be secured properly. Learn to do minor repairs and even check the coach to enjoy it for years.

How to stay safe on the road while driving your RV?

Consider maneuverability and defense driving

When you plan a road trip use RV GPS device so that you get alerts about the low bridges and other limitations. Consider maneuverability, while choosing a potential route. Remember merging in a busy city will need patience. You will need to be familiar with other cars all around, especially blind spots. Even while getting gas, choose a station with lots of space around pumps.

Wide turns are needed as sharp turns can make the rear tires track or curb over someone’s lawn. Stay in a single lane but close to the center, pull further into interaction prior beginning to turn, watch the rear-view mirror, and be alert about impatient drivers trying to zip around.

Always drive slowly because there will be no space of quick brakes. Maintain a good distance from other cars in front, be alert and have time for response. Going slow helps to reduce fuel consumption!

Fill up tank often

Never allow the tank to go below half as at home it is a habit to drive cars till they are near empty. Fortunately, there are gas stations within a few miles but on long road trips, you may pass rural regions, where it is hard to come across gas stations.

Typical mileage/gallon cannot be the same always because of carrying speed, road condition, wind, and more factors can influence gas mileage. In addition, even your Smartphone may not be in working condition, so rather than waiting for someone to stop and help, it is wise to never run out of gas but fill the tank quite often.

Practice safe camping

Stopping points are not totally safe, so never leave the windows and doors open or allow strangers to enter the coach or go out in the dark even if you hear noises. Choose a reliable location because parking besides wasp nest or uneven terrain can be problematic. Before drinking test campground water. Better to stay on campgrounds that are regularly monitored. Hide cash and valuables.

Carry medications as well as first aid items because sudden accidents or sprains are unpredictable. Even learn to use RV emergency exits because it is very helpful during fire or accidents.

Better to be safe and have a memorable travel experience!

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