One Week In Lanzarote By Car

Everyone knows that the Lanzarote destination is the most desired one because all the activities offered here are fun, exciting, and unique. Do you have a plan for your trip? There is so much to do! You should visit such wild areas as Playa del Carmen and Costa Teguise. Also, Canary Island is full of atmospheric towns, ocean washed beaches, fresh fish, and palms. The island is not very big so that you can go far through the north to see more and discover more interesting places.

Way of transportation

Canary Island is the warmest and the friendliest tourist place ever! If you drive a car, this must be the best way of transportation here. Many tourists think that they feel comfortable traveling by bus or taxi around the island. Look, if you stay in one place and not going to travel around, you may use a bus. They are good only for inter resort connection. Taxis are expensive in Lanzarote.

Safety measures

Why do people come to Lanzarote? Be it known to you, this area is least affected by COVID-19. That’s why the island is the safest destination to visit, of course, if you keep hygiene and safety rules.

Measures that are claimed to apply:

  • Keep the distance minimum of 1.5 meters.
  • Always use a mask! This is a compulsory measure for adults and children over 6 years when you are in public places or any space that is open to the public.

According to this, you can hire a car in Lanzarote airport to travel safe and come in contact with almost no one except for your family, friends, and, probably, a hotel assistant. Don’t forget to spray your hands and surfaces. About the car hire rates, you can see and compare them on the Internet, using special car-hire apps. It usually takes a minimum time and you are ready for the trip!

Best things to do in Lanzarote

Now, it’s time to make a plan for your trip. There are so many really exciting places you can visit with your family or friends. Traveling by car you have an opportunity to expand horizons and see as much as you can. To feel more comfortable, you should hire a large reliable car, big enough to fit all your passengers and luggage.

1. Go to Timanfaya National Park

What kids of place is it?

It’s an unimaginable volcanic area. Don’t be afraid, these volcanoes haven’t erupted since 1824. That was the last powerful eruption that created the most beautiful and unusual lava landscapes around this part of the island. Now, it’s a protected park territory and everyone can come and see the power of nature.

Why visit?

It can be dangerous and really tiring to explore this volcanic territory on foot. You need to hire an auto to get to this place even as a part of a tourist tour. Leave your car in the camp parking and follow the guide.

2. Try Famara surfing

What kind of place is it?

Do you like surfing? Canary island gives you millions of surfing opportunities. Surfers from all over the world come to this place for sand and joy. The little town, situated not far from the beach, is rich in surf shops, cafes, and cheap hostels.

Why visit?

Book a surf course and try to ride the wave.

3. Visit Jameos del Agua caves

What kind of place is it?

This is a huge cave system with openings to the sky that includes numerous cafes, restaurants, shops, and even rest areas that are built into the rocks!

Why visit?

There is a good tradition to book a room in the in-cave restaurant for special events. This would be the venue, and it will impress you.

4. Go to Jardin de Cactus

What kind of place is it?

Welcome to a huge lovely garden, full of cactuses of different forms and sizes.

Why visit?

This must be the coolest place to take interesting photos and learn more about the spiky plants and landscapes. Don’t worry, you shouldn’t spend the whole excursion day under a boiling sun. There is a stylish cafe in the middle that offers fresh juices, original cactus menu, including burgers, salads, and soups. Have you ever tried a dish made of cactus?

5. Enjoy the natural swimming pools

What is it?

At last, after a tiring travel week, you have a chance to relax in an outdoor sea swimming pool. Go to the southern and eastern coasts of Lanzarote to find them. Actually, these are the natural basins in the rocks with the ladders added.

Why visit?

You can’t find a better and calmer place to relax in the water.

Of course, the list of interesting places you can find in Lanzarote is not full. You can add one or two more attractions to your travel list. Your trip plan depends on how much time you have to stay here. That’s so great if you have a free week! As you can see, all the attractions can be found in the different parts of the island. Appeal reasons and hire a car!

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