These are the 5 Top Destinations Accessible by Private Jets Only

Airfare promos do not always guarantee that your flight will go as planned. The flight time and the amount of convenience you are expecting can change, but thankfully if you’re anywhere near an airport in the U.S. and Europe, you’ll find a piece of heaven on board when you charter a private jet to your most awaited destinations around the world.

Breathe in the luxury of chartering a private jet and see these amazing places that can only be reached via private jet:



Anguilla is the perfect fit for an authentic Caribbean getaway. With its crystal-clear tropical waters, white-sand beaches, quiet and serene resorts, and untouched islands, you’ll get the experience of a lifetime that makes you want to stay there forever. There are no shopping malls or other big establishments in Anguilla, just local stores and boutiques owned by residents. Be sure to save $20 cash for the departure tax!



If you’re more of the outdoor adventurer, even in the winter season, Telluride is perfect for you! It is known as one of North America’s finest ski spot with fewer crowds, which makes it fun to explore! To get there, you can fly to either Montrose Regional and drive 90 minutes or, better yet, arrive on a private jet and land directly into Telluride Regional Airport.



Spectacle Island is a private island destination off of Bar Harbor in Maine, owned by Ashley Longmaid. This exclusive vacation spot has attracted high-profile tourists, making it the ninth most expensive island of 2012. The island is filled with luxurious amenities, which include a three-bedroom cabin and a 16-foot sailboat on the captivating Atlantic coastlines. To get there, a private jet lands at Bar Harbor Regional Airport, where the hosts will pick you up for a 30-minute car and boat trip to the island.



Hawaii’s smallest inhabited island, Lanai may slowly be turning into a modern-day travel destination, but the island still gives guests the feel of a small town surrounded by crystal-clear waters and white sand beaches, with a lot of water sports activities available. The new hotels down by the coastline let the tourists spend their days basking under the sun or play a game of golf and billiards. Going to neighboring islands is easy with ferries that transport you from one island to another in 45 minutes or less. The Lanai Airport, which has a 5,000-foot runway, accommodates private jets only, so make sure to charter one for your trip going to and from the island.



You don’t have to endure the long train lines and extended hours of driving just to make it to St. Moritz. Have a smooth and steady trip instead by taking a private jet to St. Moritz and arriving at Samedan Airport just 5 kilometers from St. Moritz. Experience the best ski trip of your life while gliding down the Swiss Alps and thank yourself for a self-gift of comfort and luxury.

Booking a private jet is now easier than ever thanks to a reliable flight team with online booking that dispatches private jets in just 4 hours. Make your summer count by flying to these amazing destinations that will give you a thrill of a lifetime!

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