A motorhome can offer a memorable holiday in a home away from your home. However, it takes proper planning plan to organize such a trip and enjoy it thoroughly.

Some of the things to think about include the destination to choose, places to visit, areas to park, where to spend the night and number of steps to schedule.

It should not be hard to plan your motorhome trip. As Chausson motorhome dealers, TC Motorhomes have gained a lot of insights from our customers. Here are some tips to apply when planning a motorhome trip:

Select Your Destination

If you fail to plan your motorhome trip, you will end up wasting your precious time and resources. Decide where to go and have a clear destination instead of wandering aimlessly. Choose your destination within your budget and consider the desires of other people traveling with you.

This is extremely important especially during high seasons when many people are going on holiday. Arriving at a holiday location only to find it full can be stressful. You can end up missing the fun of meeting new people and viewing new places. Make arrangements ahead and book if you need to.


Have a Budget for Your Motorhome Holiday

Planning and getting ready for a motorhome a few days before you set out on the tour ensures your stay runs smoothly. Make sure you have enough power, water and functioning toilets. This means setting aside a budget to prepare and have everything ready for the trip.

To spend a night in a campsite or a motorhome pitch, it will cost you between £10 and £20 for 24 hours including the motorhome. The parking fees should be in your budget. To know more about available motorhome and costs, use online references or local websites.

Planning ahead enables you to see fuel and gas stations along with camping and parking sites and is extremely helpful in creating your motorhome budget.

Have an Outlined Route

Some routes are scenic; others help you avoid toll stations, and some are a shortcut to your destination. Decide what you want and outline your route while determining places you want to visit along the way.

Consider the season before choosing the road to take. During summer motorhome trips are flexible, but in winter, the southern side is the best.


Choose Where to Stay

Even though a motorhome vacation means traveling, you need to have stopping points and a destination before you leave home. Making arrangement in advance ensures you have a site to park when you want to stop. Lack of planning a motorhome trip can make you use a poor or highly-priced site.

You can use online guides offering route planners to schedule your trip appropriately. The guides also help you drive on good roads, cover the shortest distance possible to reduce the depreciation of your vehicle and show you routes to follow to evade tolls.

Have a Timeline

You create your timeline after outlining the route to take. This means knowing the distance you want to cover each day and how much time to spend in the different roadside sites you want to see. Besides, have a specific day when you want to reach your destination. However, leave room for unplanned stops just to have fun and stretch.


Be Careful With Electrical Load

A motorhome is different from your home because the electrical load cannot withstand high consumption. It cannot run various appliances simultaneously.

The best way to take care of electrical load is by labeling different appliances with their power consumption rate. That means if you have an air conditioner, which is 15 amps and a 14 amp toaster, you cannot use them at the same time in a 30 amps motorhome.

Have a Travel Checklist

A travel checklist ensures you do not forget to carry anything you need and also make plans in advance before traveling. Some of the things include loading electronics and other items you need for the trip.

What’s more, make sure the motorhome is checked by a mechanic to prevent possible breakdowns while on holiday. Have a checklist for a smooth motorhome holiday.

Putting the information together and planning a motorhome trip is quite tedious. But, you can compile the information and use it for your future trips.

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