Visiting Berluda Schoemanshoeck Oudshoorn Karoo Farm

In the small hills of the Swartberg Mountains is a lovely Little Karoo farm. This is where you can find Berluda Schoemanshoeck, Oudshoorn. The hotel & restaurant accommodations at Oudshoorn include cottages, as well as a farmhouse, turn into a hotel with its own restaurants.

Former tobacco barn

There is a tobacco barn turned into a restaurant where guests will enjoy local Karoo cuisine. Berluda has a true adventure in dining that is award-winning. Local signature ostrich recipes and local Karoo lamb dishes together with local wines make for a dining adventure. They also have a buffet for breakfast every day between 8:00 am and 10:00 am where you can have the chance to try scrambled ostrich egg which is a unique experience.

Evening dining

This restaurant also offers both a 3-course meal and buffet of traditional South African barbeque in the evenings. Reservations for dinner are a must and the restaurant is closed on Sunday evenings.


Berluda is located just off R62, which is the longest wine route in the world and these award-winning wines are served locally.


The hotel and cottages make for a relaxing and comfortable place to get away from the stresses of everyday life. These accommodations have appointments that are luxurious, as well as personal service all wrapped up in the hospitality that is South African. Berluda is the name of a variety of apricots with an annual harvest and production of jam still forming a big part of their business.

Attractions to do and see

Your entire family can have real experiences on this farm starting with tours to a working ostrich farm and ending with sunset drives. As Little Karoo is a part of the Cape Floral Kingdom, guests also get close encounters with this unique flora and fauna. They offer great opportunities for birdwatching as well as star gazing.

Cango Caves

There is also the Cango Caves complex that has a restaurant and curio shop to browse after finishing your tour of the caves. There is also a center which explains the history and geology of the caves and further information about Oudshoorn and its other attractions.

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